George Canseco

George Canseco

Who is George Kensko?

He is a Filipino musician, songwriter and composer who has ever met us. He wrote movie themes and comic books that are now considered Filipino click and pop, or Filipino OPM music. He died in 2004 of liver and lung cancer at the age of 70. He was nominated for National Artist in 2004, but was abducted due to controversy. But even if he leaves, his songs will be untimely for many of his fans and followers.

There is a bitter note in the musician's discount award

Failed to kill

The late George Kensko, composer of "Nan at Callenman", "Captain Lane", "Ikao" and other untimely songs, without any controversial composition, was selected as one of the National Artist of the Year Awards. Was accepted. ”, Eco V. Pilpo ipino n.

According to informed sources, the former journalist, Kensco, was one of the eight finalists for the prestigious award, selected by representatives of various groups of artists.

He won in the music category but was not declared the winner in the music category in the final vote. Another theater candidate, Neti Kriyam Rogers, also started it.

Only six people were formally nominated by 30 judges from the National Culture and Arts Commission and 15 judges from the Philippine Cultural Center.

The winners were Ben Cabrera (visual arts), Ennido Lambira (literature), Ramon Obsan (dance), Ramon Valera (fashion design), Fernando Poe Jr. (film) and Aldfonso Santos Jr. (architecture).

Subsequently, at the request of President Gloria Macapagel Arroyo, an artist, Abdul Marri Asia Iomo (sculpture), was added to the list of winners.

Kensko is considered one of the most famous musicians in the country. His songs are still restless and, according to him, he wrote 300.

Kensko was named National Musical Artist in 2004, and although he died of liver cancer on November 19 of that year, he expressed a desire to do so.

Sources said that two judges, one from the NCCA and the other from the CPPK, have doubts about the Kensco award due to unresolved questions about the authorship of Eco and Pellipo.

In 1981, Kensko composed a patriotic anthem for the inauguration of Ferdinand Marcos, president of the then first lady, Olda Romaldis Marcos, who had won the presidential election earlier this year. Marcos would have paid 1.5 million for the song.

Sources declined to say why Kenesco was removed, saying the jury could not discuss the matter.

The awards program has been the subject of controversy since the selection of the late actor Fernando Poe Jr.

Poe won 14 other actors for the award, including Dolphy, Velma Santos, Ed Garcia and Nora Anwar. Only Poe, Manuel Condڈے and Mike de Leon were on the first list of nominees for the jury in the cinema category.

Poe's widow, actress Susan Rose, and other members of the Poe family decided not to send representatives to the awards ceremony.

Susan refused to accept the award from Ms. Arroyo, who confessed to having a relationship with her husband during the 2004 presidential election.

However, Cecil and Alvarez, the president's cultural adviser, said that according to government rules, only family members could receive the award.

Kensco has no formal music training, but his colleagues consider him one of the greatest composers of modern Filipino music.

His last recorded song was Nissan's Mann, a song he wrote for Martin Novera in 2002.

Kensco won five Lifetime Achievement Awards from Story, Philippine Award Recording Industry End, and One Star Award, and was nominated for Hall of Fame for Best Music Composition in 1998 and Best Theme Song in 1987.

Kensko produced 16 songs, including "Nan at Kelnan", "Hang Gang Sa Dolo Ang Waling Hanggan", "Castiling Bhawan", "Gano Kadalas Ang Mansan" and "Amaral", one of his favorite artists. ۔

Devas who performed the song included Nora Anwar, Sharon Conita, Ailda Papin, Mount Lidsma and Pelita Sis.

The song written by Kongo for Dolce, Ako Ing Ngwagi, won the Kang Music Festival in 1978 for Best Song.

Thursday, June 8, 2006

George Canseco

George Canseco

George Kensko (April 23, 1934 - November 19, 2004) was a famous Filipino musician. Considered by some to be one of the most emotional men of his time, Kensco composes songs that heal the moodiness of his songs. He left a legacy of unparalleled pop culture for many of his RSS feeds. Kensko wrote the everlasting O'Reilly Pelvino music, mostly performed by the country's talented Basil Valdez, whose career as an actress took a happy turn when she made no record of Calvin Mann. 1978. Song, Capante Island, Ikao, Song Cadalas Ang Mansan, Pano, Hang Gang Sa Dolo Ang Waling Hanggun, Hiram, Kahpon Lamang and Deto Ba? These are just some of the Cancus 300 compositions that explain what this group means to the hearts and souls of the Falcon.

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George Canseco