Geographical Pricing

Geographical Pricing,

What Does Geographical Pricing Mean?

  • Geographic prices adjust the selling price of an item based on the buyer's location. Sometimes the difference between selling prices is the cost of sending goods to this place. The difference may depend on how much people are willing to pay. Companies will strive to maximize their sales in the markets in which they operate, and geographic pricing helps achieve that goal.

    • Geographic pricing is an exercise where the price of the same goods and services varies based on the buyer's geographical location.
    • The difference in price may be based on shipping costs, taxes levied at each location, or the willingness of local residents to pay.
    • Prices also vary on demand, for example b. A product that competes with many competitors in the market, or a unique product in the market.

Literal Meanings of Geographical Pricing


Meanings of Geographical:
  1. Derived from or derived from the physical characteristics of an area.

Sentences of Geographical
  1. Geographical distribution of plants

Synonyms of Geographical

territorial, geographical, topographical, zonal, topical


Meanings of Pricing:
  1. Determine the amount needed (something to be offered for sale)

  2. Discover or quote (sell something).

  3. Money is given as an expectation, need, or payment of something.

  4. Harmful experiences or actions that perform as a condition of experience or performance to achieve a goal.

Sentences of Pricing
  1. The watch costs 55 55

  2. He thought it was a simple garbage dump, although he had sold most of the items he had acquired over the years at prices that many people see.

  3. This land can be sold at a higher price.

  4. The price of success is a day of debate

Synonyms of Pricing

toll, rate, amount, fee, sacrifice, forfeit, evaluate, cost, appraise, payment, assess, penalty, estimate, result, fare, assay, sum, levy, consequence, value, figure, forfeiture, selling price, fix the price of, terms, total, asking price