Gentlemen's agreement

Gentlemens agreement,

Definition of Gentlemens agreement:

  1. An arrangement or understanding which is based upon the trust of both or all parties, rather than being legally binding.

  2. Informal, oral understanding resting on the sense of personal honor of the involved parties. Generally, such agreements are not enforceable through courts.

Synonyms of Gentlemens agreement

Agreement, Gentlemans agreement, Arrangement, Deal, Bargain, Settlement, Pledge, Promise, Pact, Compact, Contract, Concord, Treaty, Covenant, Bond

How to use Gentlemens agreement in a sentence?

  1. We had a gentlemens agreement and that made me really excited because I had always wanted to make one in life.
  2. You should try and make sure you fully trust someone if you will forego a contract and only enter into a gentlemens agreement .
  3. There was a gentlemens agreement made between the businessmen to operate in such a way to not disgrace the founding members.
  4. A gentlemans agreement by the grain growers not to enter the wheat market.

Meaning of Gentlemens agreement & Gentlemens agreement Definition