Genetically modified (GM) food

Genetically modified (GM) food,

Definition of Genetically modified (GM) food:

  1. Meat and edible plants modified through genetic engineering.

    Although humans have genetically modified animal and plants since the beginning of civilization, they did it through selective breeding possible only within the same species through natural reproduction over decades or centuries. Modern techniques, however, can transfer genetic material from one organism to another to instantly create utterly different variants. Since alien genes are not welcomed by the existing genes, suppressive techniques must be used to force the animal or plant to accept them. Such artificially mutated foods are a source of unresolved controversy over the uncertainty of their long-term effects on humans and food chains.

  2. (of an organism or crop) containing genetic material that has been artificially altered so as to produce a desired characteristic.

How to use Genetically modified (GM) food in a sentence?

  1. The worlds biggest producer of genetically modified seeds.
  2. When they were about to sit down to a glass of soymilk, he was concerned about how the soy was grown and the fact that it was almost certainly a genetically modified food.
  3. Is is unclear at this point whether genetically modified food provides a net benefit to the world as a whole; the potential for largely increased yield obviously results in feeding a larger number of mouths, yet the relative modernity of the process raises concerns over the possibility as yet undiscovered health problems.
  4. I feel our government is ruining our health by allowing companies to openly promote and encourage genetically modified food. There are so many theories suggesting gmos are used as population control. Im starting to believe that myself.

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