Genetically Modified Food (GMF)

Genetically Modified Food (GMF),

Genetically Modified Food (GMF) Meanings:

  • Genetically Modified Food (GMF) can be defined as, Genetically modified foods (GMFs) are made from organisms whose genes have been altered to introduce traits that were not created by natural selection. Genetically modified foods (mainly fruits and vegetables) have been commercially available since 1994. Changing the genetic code of fruits, vegetables or animals involves the introduction of a gene from another organism.

Literal Meanings of Genetically Modified Food (GMF)


Meanings of Genetically:
  1. In a way related to genes or genetics

  2. In a way related to origin or development

Sentences of Genetically
  1. Hair color is genetic

  2. Ethnic linguistic types.


Meanings of Modified:
  1. Make partial or minor changes to (something)

Sentences of Modified
  1. He may be willing to change his mind

Synonyms of Modified

restyle, reorganize, remake, reform, reorient, redo, refashion, make alterations to, remould, revise, redesign, convert, change, refine, adapt, remodel, reshape, amend, rework, vary, transform, revamp, adjust, make adjustments to


Meanings of Food:
  1. There is no food eaten or drunk by any human or animal to sustain life and development.

Sentences of Food
  1. We need food and water

Synonyms of Food

fare, bread, nutriment, sustenance, subsistence, daily bread, nourishment