Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering,

What is The Definition of Genetic Engineering?

  • Definition of Genetic Engineering: Genetic engineering is an artificial modification of the genome of an organism. Genetic engineering usually involves the transfer of a gene from one organism to another to give it the first specific characteristics. The resulting organisms are called GMOs or genetically modified organisms or GMOs. Examples of such organisms include plants that are resistant to certain pests and plants that can resist herbicides.

    • Genetic engineering refers to the manipulation of the genome of an organism.
    • CRISPR and biotechnology-modified (GMO) foods are examples of genetic engineering in use today.
    • Investors who benefit from advances in genetic engineering may turn to selected genomic companies in the biotechnology industry.

Literal Meanings of Genetic Engineering


Meanings of Genetic:
  1. In terms of genes or heredity.

  2. From the relevant source or the same source.

Sentences of Genetic
  1. All cells in the body have a genetic information

  2. The genetic relationship between languages

Synonyms of Genetic

ethnological, in the family, inborn, racial, congenital, innate, race-related, in the genes, genetic, genetical, inherent, in the blood, inbred, inherited


Meanings of Engineering:
  1. A branch of science and technology related to the design, construction and use of machines, machines and structures.

Sentences of Engineering
  1. Direct interaction with computers can help students see career opportunities created by studying science, technology, engineering and math.

Synonyms of Engineering

non-theoretical, applying science, practical, applied, scientific