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Generic brand,

Definition of Generic brand:

  1. These brands are known for their trimmed-down packaging and plain labels. Rather than being known by a brand name, generic products are distinguished by their characteristics alone. All of this helps keep the product's price down significantly.

  2. No-name or non-decrepit brand that is not advertised, and is sold at a price substantially lower than the comparable branded products. Generic brand products are more popular in recessionary times, but largely in case of fungible products such as aluminum foil, recording media (CD/DVD), hand tools, paper products, small appliances.

  3. The term generic brand refers to a type of consumer product on the market that lacks a widely recognized name or logo because it typically isn't advertised. Generic brands are usually less expensive than their brand name counterparts due to their lack of promotion, which can inflate the cost of a good or service. These brands, which are designed as substitutes for more expensive brand name goods, are especially common in the food and pharmaceutical industry and tend to be more popular during a recession.

How to use Generic brand in a sentence?

  1. A generic drug or pharmaceutical brand may be created when the patent of a name brand drug expires.
  2. I am not a huge fan of spending lots of money on big-name brands at the Grocery Store like Bounty or Charmin; instead I prefer to buy Generic Brand paper towels and toilet paper because of their more competitive pricing.
  3. We used to sell generic brand products, but decided that the profit margin was too small so now we dont sell them anymore.
  4. A generic brand is a consumer product without a widely recognized name or logo because it typically isn't advertised.
  5. Generic brands are known for their very basic packaging and labels, and lower prices.
  6. As a smart shopper, many times I prefer to buy the generic brand of a product over a name brand if the quality is equal, but the price is lower.

Meaning of Generic brand & Generic brand Definition

Generic Brand,

How To Define Generic Brand?

  1. Generic Brand definition is: The term generic brand refers to a type of consumer in the market that does not usually have a recognized name or logo because it is not usually advertised. General branding is usually cheaper than other brands due to lack of advertising, which can increase the cost of products or services. These brands, which are expected to replace more expensive branded products, are very common in the food and pharmaceutical industries and tend to be more popular during recessions.

    • A typical brand is a consumer product without a name or logo that is not normally advertised.
    • Common brands are known for extremely easy packaging and labels and their low prices.
    • Generic or branded drugs can be manufactured when the patent on the branded drug expires.

Literal Meanings of Generic Brand


Meanings of Generic:
  1. Consumer products that do not have a trademark or registered trademark.

  2. Features related to a class or group of things or things that are not specific.

  3. In terms of gender.

Sentences of Generic
  1. Replace branded drugs with common drugs

  2. Goat cheese is a general term for all types of goat cheese.

  3. It is possible that most of the Feminist types are legitimate taxes, but their general affiliation needs to be re-examined.

Synonyms of Generic

umbrella, interdisciplinary, blanket, inclusive, universal, all-encompassing, non-specific, sweeping, collective, comprehensive, multidisciplinary, all-inclusive, cross-disciplinary, general, common, broad


Meanings of Brand:
  1. Brand to brand.

  2. Specify the brand name.

  3. A type of product manufactured by a particular company with a specific name.

  4. Identification of iron in cattle (or earlier) in criminals or slaves.

  5. A piece of wood that is burning or smoking.

Sentences of Brand
  1. The seller marked the animal with his grandfather's name

  2. Consumers can sometimes be happy to buy branded products at a lower price because they are counterfeit.

  3. New clothing brand

  4. The mark on the sheep identifies me

  5. Take two embers from the fire

Synonyms of Brand

make, mark, brand, line, marque, marker, steel, blade, label, identification, earmark, firebrand, sear, stamp, burn, identifying mark