Definition of Generalization:

  1. See the process of provocative thinking (aggressive thinking) in which one or more experiences or impressions represent events, objects, or phenomena in an entire class or category A common practice that people use in personal relationships to model their minds in their personal world can lead to discrimination or risky behavior.

Synonyms of Generalization

Inference, Commonplace, Ecumenicity, Deduction, Abstraction, Glittering generality, Philosophical induction, Deductive reasoning, Hypothesis and verification, A fortiori reasoning, Synthesis, Locus communis, Truism, Platitude, Inductive reasoning, Universality, Generality, A priori reasoning, Cliche, Particularization, General idea, Inclusiveness, Sweeping statement, Cosmopolitanism, Generalized proposition, Epagoge, Lieu commun, A posteriori reasoning, Tired cliche, Ecumenicalism, Baconian method, Hackneyed expression, Globalism, Bromide, Analysis, Worldwideness, Catholicity, Internationalism, Induction, Syllogism, Syllogistic reasoning, Globality

How to use Generalization in a sentence?

  1. When it comes to men and women, it is sometimes difficult to deviate from the general nature, but remember that people are, first and foremost, individuals.
  2. When Jimmy saw that only dogs and cats could walk on all fours, he misunderstood that all animals walk on all fours.
  3. She widely promoted women's athletic abilities when she saw that only her sister and friends played baseball in the backyard.

Meaning of Generalization & Generalization Definition