Definition of General:

  1. Consider or include key features or elements of an item and generally ignore exceptions.

  2. Boss or director.

  3. A type of business that caters to the needs of all or almost all members of a group or class of customers. Alternatively, the company can offer a variety of products to different buyers.

  4. Influence or relation to all or most people, places or things.

  5. The general public.

  6. A high-ranking commander or officer in the army.

Synonyms of General

Unspecified, Non-specific, Unrestricted, Junior officer, Mixed, Prepollent, OD, Unspecific, Collective, Unexacting, Popular, Hegemonic, Inclusive, Fuzzy, Shapeless, Inaccurate, Senior officer, Undifferentiating, Amorphous, Woolly, Insensitive, Common, Established, Indefinite, Blurry, Worldwide, Vulgar, Stochastic, Assorted, Well established, Homely, Lieutenant colonel, National, Natural, Regulating, Combined, Sirdar, Uncritical, Associated, Risaldar, Unfocused, Imprecise, Traditional, Predominant, Undemanding, Undiscriminating, Supreme, Indecisive, Ill-defined, Field officer, Captain, Lieutenant general, Hazy, In common, Colonel, Vague, Four-star general, Public, Prevailing, General officer, Community, Kitschy, CO, Shadowed forth, Master, Field marshal, Unsubtle, Subaltern, Marshal, High-camp, The Old Man, State, In the ascendant, Accepted, Three-star general, First lieutenant, Obscure, Undiscreet, Vernacular, Accepted, Commanding officer, Hazy, Officer, Unmeticulous, Governing, Rife, In ascendancy, Executive officer, Philistine, Major general, Undifferentiated, Homespun, Customary, Unexceptional, Orderless, Prevalent, Boss, Predominate, Wholesale, Indefinable, Conventional, Indiscriminative, Controlling, Universal, Top brass, Public, Company officer, Ruling, Extended, Universal, Shavetail, Wide, Conjoint, Marechal, Hit-or-miss, Joint, Jemadar, Unparticular, Undiscriminative, Extensive, Orthodox, Broad, Overall, Extensive, Routine, International, Indiscriminate, Major, Communal, Commanding, Sublieutenant, Veiled, Ordinary, Communistic, Casual, Promiscuous, Nebulous, Cooperative, Paramount, Panoramic, Prepotent, Commander in chief, Lax, Indeterminate, Imprudent, Regnant, Loose, Hegemonistic, Featureless, Subahdar, Regular, The brass, Commandant, Generalissimo, All-inclusive, Indistinct, Unclear, Aide-de-camp, Commonplace, Aide, Indefinite, Ill-defined, Brigadier general, Civic, Campy, Nonjudgmental, Approximate, Run-of-the-mill, Blended, Approximate, Chicken colonel, Traditionalist, Babbittish, Unfastidious, Sovereign, Habitual, Commutual, Mongrel, Chancy, Basic, Usual, Reciprocal, Low-camp, Broad, Abstract, Sweeping, Socialistic, Reigning, Global, Foggy, Indeterminable, Plebeian, Preponderate, Mainstream, Prevalent, Indiscreet, Leading, Ascendant, Chaotic, Dominant, Aleatoric, Naturistic, Two-star general, Composite, Rough, In chief, Accustomed, Generalized, Uncharacterized, Social, Uncriticizing, Prevailing, Imprecise, Undetermined, Blobby, Across the board, Incoherent, Diversified, Loose, Five-star general, Humdrum, Nonspecific, Inexact, Chief of staff, Typical, Regulative, Chief, Random, Shared, Normal, In charge, Civil, Encyclopedic, Undefined, Untactful, Inchoate, Tactless, Realistic, Hybrid, Pop, Societal, Wide, Mutual, Comprehensive, Unselective, Bourgeois, Orderly officer, Shadowy, Common, Supranational, Everyday, At the head, Neutral, Catholic, ADC, Orderly, One-star general, Sweeping, Overall, Miscellaneous, Lieutenant, Cosmopolitan, Fuzzy, Inexact, Blurred, Widespread, Exec, Commissioned officer, Bland, Unplain, Staff officer, Vague, Head, Familiar, Heterogeneous, Disordered, Unspecific, Generic, Naturalistic, Popular, Chance, Widespread, Blanket, Uneventful, Preponderant, Collectivistic, Regulatory, Brigadier, Aleatory, Commander, Confused, Undestined

How to use General in a sentence?

  1. I prefer the general consensus to explain the actions of vegetarian groups in large-scale market movements.
  2. General introduction to the topic.
  3. Before we can invade enemy territory, we must consult with our generals to find out what strategy we will pursue.
  4. The strongest relationship is between military commanders and generals and officers who report it directly.
  5. Books of general interest.
  6. It is a good rule of thumb to keep calm when talking and let the other person lose their head for your benefit.
  7. A CEO.

Meaning of General & General Definition

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