Definition of General:

  1. Considering or including the main features or elements of something, and disregarding exceptions; overall.

  2. Chief or principal.

  3. A type of company that serves the needs of all or mostly all members of a group or class of consumers. Alternatively, the company may supply a broad class of goods to a wide variety of buyers.

  4. Affecting or concerning all or most people, places, or things; widespread.

  5. The general public.

  6. A commander of an army, or an army officer of very high rank.

Synonyms of General

ADC, Babbittish, CO, OD, Philistine, Abstract, Accepted, Accustomed, Across the board, Aide, Aide-de-camp, Aleatoric, Aleatory, All-inclusive, Amorphous, Approximate, Ascendant, Associated, Assorted, At the head, Bland, Blanket, Blended, Blobby, Blurred, Blurry, Boss, Bourgeois, Brigadier, Brigadier general, Broad, Campy, Captain, Casual, Catholic, Chance, Chancy, Chaotic, Chicken colonel, Chief, Chief of staff, Civic, Civil, Collective, Collectivistic, Colonel, Combined, Commandant, Commander, Commander in chief, Commanding, Commanding officer, Commissioned officer, Common, Commonplace, Communal, Communistic, Community, Commutual, Company officer, Composite, Comprehensive, Confused, Conjoint, Controlling, Cooperative, Cosmopolitan, Customary, Disordered, Diversified, Dominant, Encyclopedic, Everyday, Exec, Executive officer, Extended, Extensive, Familiar, Featureless, Field marshal, Field officer, First lieutenant, Five-star general, Foggy, Four-star general, Fuzzy, General officer, Generalissimo, Generalized, Generic, Global, Governing, Habitual, Hazy, Head, Hegemonic, Hegemonistic, Heterogeneous, High-camp, Hit-or-miss, Homely, Homespun, Humdrum, Hybrid, Ill-defined, Imprecise, Imprudent, In ascendancy, In charge, In chief, In common, In the ascendant, Inaccurate, Inchoate, Inclusive, Incoherent, Indecisive, Indefinable, Indefinite, Indeterminable, Indeterminate, Indiscreet, Indiscriminate, Indiscriminative, Indistinct, Inexact, Insensitive, International, Jemadar, Joint, Junior officer, Kitschy, Lax, Leading, Lieutenant, Lieutenant colonel, Lieutenant general, Loose, Low-camp, Major, Major general, Marechal, Marshal, Master, Miscellaneous, Mixed, Mongrel, Mutual, National, Natural, Naturalistic, Naturistic, Nebulous, Neutral, Nonjudgmental, Nonspecific, Normal, Obscure, Officer, One-star general, Orderless, Orderly, Orderly officer, Ordinary, Overall, Panoramic, Paramount, Plebeian, Pop, Popular, Predominant, Predominate, Prepollent, Preponderant, Preponderate, Prepotent, Prevailing, Prevalent, Promiscuous, Public, Random, Realistic, Reciprocal, Regnant, Regular, Regulating, Regulative, Regulatory, Reigning, Risaldar, Routine, Ruling, Run-of-the-mill, Senior officer, Shadowed forth, Shadowy, Shapeless, Shared, Shavetail, Sirdar, Social, Socialistic, Societal, Sovereign, Staff officer, State, Stochastic, Subahdar, Subaltern, Sublieutenant, Supranational, Supreme, Sweeping, Tactless, The Old Man, The brass, Three-star general, Top brass, Two-star general, Typical, Uncharacterized, Unclear, Uncritical, Uncriticizing, Undefined, Undemanding, Undestined, Undetermined, Undifferentiated, Undifferentiating, Undiscreet, Undiscriminating, Undiscriminative, Uneventful, Unexacting, Unexceptional, Unfastidious, Universal, Unmeticulous, Unparticular, Unplain, Unrestricted, Unselective, Unspecific, Unspecified, Unsubtle, Untactful, Usual, Vague, Veiled, Vernacular, Vulgar, Wholesale, Wide, Widespread, Worldwide, Widespread, Common, Extensive, Universal, Wide, Popular, Public, Mainstream, Prevalent, Prevailing, Rife, Established, Well established, Conventional, Traditional, Traditionalist, Orthodox, Accepted, Broad, Imprecise, Inexact, Rough, Sweeping, Overall, Loose, Basic, Approximate, Non-specific, Unspecific, Vague, Hazy, Fuzzy, Woolly, Ill-defined, Indefinite, Unfocused

How to use General in a sentence?

  1. I prefer to think of the general consensus to explain the group minded actions of the herd in their massive market movements.
  2. A general introduction to the subject.
  3. Before we invaded the enemies land, we had to check with our general in order to determine what kind of strategy we would be implementing.
  4. The most stable connection is that between the military commander and generals and officers directly subordinated to him.
  5. Books of general interest.
  6. It is a good general rule to always keep a cool head in a negotiation and let the other guy lose his so you have the edge.
  7. A general manager.

Meaning of General & General Definition