General Obligation Bond (GO)

General Obligation Bond (GO),

How To Define General Obligation Bond (GO)?

  1. General bonds (GO bonds) are municipal bonds that are supported only by the credit and tax authorities in the jurisdiction issued and not by the proceeds from certain schemes. General bonds are issued with the belief that the public can repay their debts through taxes or project revenues. Assets are not used as collateral.

    • A common bond, or GO bond, is a type of municipal bond that fully supports the issuer's credit quality and ability to collect taxes from its residents.
    • Unlike tax liabilities, GO bonds are not guaranteed and lenders do not make payments based on the financing of the project.
    • The amount of tax available for a particular GO bonus can be limited or unlimited.
    • In the case of unlimited GO loans, the municipal government may increase the property tax accordingly to meet your payments and obligations.

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