General Exclusions

General Exclusions,

General Exclusions: What is the Meaning of General Exclusions?

You can define General Exclusions as, In Employee Compensation Insurance, operations (such as flight operations) are explicitly excluded from the basic classification and are always categorized separately, unless clearly stated in the basic classification text. ۔

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Meanings of General:
  1. Influence or relation to all or many people, places or things.

  2. Consider or include key features or elements of an item and generally ignore exceptions.

  3. Boss or director.

  4. A high-ranking commander or officer in the army.

  5. The general public.

Sentences of General
  1. Books of general interest

  2. General introduction to this topic

  3. A general manager

  4. The strongest relationship was between military commanders and generals and officers who reported it directly.

Synonyms of General

hazy, basic, prevalent, mainstream, common, rough, popular, fuzzy, rife, wide, woolly, well established, sweeping, inexact, approximate, loose, ill-defined, imprecise, traditionalist, established


Meanings of Exclusions:
  1. Status of action or exception.

Sentences of Exclusions
  1. Helped to resign from the committee

Synonyms of Exclusions

ban, prohibition, debarring, debarment, disbarring, embargo, keeping out, banning, barring