General Employer

General Employer,

What Does General Employer Mean?

  1. The definition of General Employer is: An employer engaged in a temporary employment contract who is the employee's original employer and the other employer is responsible for the employee's debt.

Literal Meanings of General Employer


Meanings of General:
  1. An army commander or a high-ranking military officer.

  2. The general public.

  3. It affects or relates to all or most people, places or things.

  4. Add or add a main feature or element to something and generally ignore exceptions.

  5. Chief or Director.

Sentences of General
  1. The strongest relationship exists between the military commander and the generals and officers who report it directly.

  2. Books for public use

  3. General introduction to this topic

  4. A general manager

Synonyms of General

ill-defined, indefinite, woolly, hazy, orthodox, broad, common, inexact, widespread, fuzzy, universal, prevalent, conventional, traditionalist, extensive, vague, rough, unfocused, well established, accepted, public, imprecise, traditional, basic


Synonyms of Employer

managing director, principal, head man, patron, manager, head woman, president, chief executive, manageress, proprietor, boss, director