General Creditor

General Creditor,

General Creditor:

  1. General Creditor can be defined as, A person or business that lends without collateral so that the lender receives too much debt if the borrower goes bankrupt or fails to repay.

Literal Meanings of General Creditor


Meanings of General:
  1. An army commander or a high-ranking officer.

  2. The general public.

  3. It affects or relates to all or most people, places or things.

  4. Add or add features or key elements to something and generally ignore exceptions.

  5. Chief or Director.

Sentences of General
  1. The strongest relationship exists between the military commander and the generals and officers who report it directly.

  2. Books for public use

  3. General introduction to this topic

  4. A manager

Synonyms of General

overall, non-specific, ill-defined, common, popular, widespread, loose, established, unfocused, basic, sweeping, mainstream, conventional, approximate, orthodox, prevalent, imprecise, wide, fuzzy, broad, unspecific, traditional, accepted, inexact, prevailing, public, vague


Meanings of Creditor:
  1. Debtor of a person or company.

Sentences of Creditor
  1. Lender bank

  2. The profits of the new scheme will be used to repay a portion of the amount owed to agricultural lenders.

  3. The merchant can then transfer the money electronically to his lenders or to his bank account.

  4. This reduces basic needs such as food or travel to meet lenders.

  5. In businesses that need money, lenders must agree to pay.

  6. I now realize that I can't stop my payments to my creditors and debt management companies.

  7. The company met with lenders this week to discuss business strategy for the next three years.

  8. Shortly afterwards, the company went into liquidation and there was no money to pay the creditors.