General Average Losses

General Average Losses,

Definition of General Average Losses:

Partial damage at sea as a result of voluntary sacrifice, e.g. B. Release of a portion of the cargo to save the ship or crew, or extraordinary expenses incurred by either party for the benefit of all B., b. Tying a wrecked ship. Generally, according to the rules of York Antwerp, the average total loss is divided between the owner and the owner.

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Meanings of General:
  1. An army commander or high-ranking official.

  2. The general public.

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  5. Chief or Director.

Sentences of General
  1. There is a strong connection between the military commander and the generals and officers who report it directly.

  2. Books for public use

  3. General introduction to this topic

  4. A general manager

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Meanings of Average:
  1. Achieved or achieved as an average rank or value over a period of time

  2. A number that represents the central or general value in a dataset, specifically the mode, median, or (more commonly) average value, which is calculated by dividing the number of values ​​in the dataset by their number.

  3. Transfer of financial responsibility for damage or financial loss to the ship or its cargo.

  4. Find the result by adding some quantity and dividing that number by the amount of quantity.

Sentences of Average
  1. 2.4% average annual inflation

  2. Household prices are twice the national average

  3. Special average means partial damage or loss of ship, cargo or goods

  4. The average temperature in May is 64 ° F

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middle, mean, midpoint, centre, medial, median, mode


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  1. Avoid wasting time

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misplacement, forgetting, overlooking, dropping, mislaying