Gemini And Scorpio Friendship

Gemini And Scorpio Friendship

Gemini-Scorpio friendship?

You probably have a lot to say. Both love to have fun and learn new things. You can like each other. Both are great for understanding other people. In general, Scorpios are more loving and want deeper and deeper relationships, while Geminis want more social friends they like, for example. The two are probably better friends than lovers.

It is important that Gemini is close to Scorpio, and it is important that Scorpio is light with Gemini.

Of course, it really depends on the rest of your chart.

It was good at first. Everyone on the surface was happy and smiling and they had a lot to say. But after a while, the scorpion gets angry at Gemini and the scorpion gets selfish boredom.

I've seen her in my circle of friends ... Gemini talks a lot, scorpions don't talk much. Scorpio likes to read and talk about things. In my experience, Gemini can't immerse himself in things like Scorpio likes. Scorpions like to talk to people, they are also deep, it is a way to connect with someone. I am a virgin and I have seen and experienced it. First of all, because of this deep relationship, me and the scorpion are better.

Many of my secret friends are scorpions. As a Taurus, I automatically trust them.


I had no idea I was a twin and all my Scorpio friends were eating me instead of biting me. But I arrived as an RSC and said I made my scorpion porridge. So let's go! It hurts people. People eat me a lot and I have constipation.

Gemini And Scorpio Friendship