Gemeos E Capricornio

Gemeos E Capricornio

CaÃrnio X Gemini?

Sexy Rhinoceros:

Twins 21.05. 20.06: Bamba de la, full of two tactics and a lot to play back, or Gemini got the role of Don Juan. It's called Tanning Night, Level goes home alone. There was never a day when he was constantly alert to the sudden pain of a co-worker, the urgency of a friend or the urgency of a parent. No fog of mistakes and always curious, new or even strange experiences. Explain that a high school diploma calms the restless mind a bit, but facial nemesis or real twins become Sunnah. Good bed, a sense of discovering new things and before, after. Mercury's dynamics and fluctuations rule, the frequent fog of relationships.

Attention AL: Saário, I may love day care, but crazy and responsible.

Warm contacts: with Leo and Mesh who promise to find intentions and reveal unforgettable things. With Lee and Aquarius, despite the closeness of ideas and desires, he is able to provide endless conversation, confined to all illusions.

PE AAWAY: Sex with local Cancer, Aries and Virgo. We can be Arilhas or Geminiano entangled like spider emotes. You feel more like hell ■■■■■■■■■ I never wanted to end it.

CAÃ "RNIO 22.12. Till January 20: Be patient to find a residence or carotenoid theme! Rule by Saturn or local symbol - hesitate as human beings instead of trying to conquer them and often separate I'm dressed as a guard, I burn a lot of people who have a hard time keeping secrets. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Yura aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either. Or as Caroniano is becoming, but as an SSO or for speed, if you rely on your defense and hold on to it.

Attention to AL: Real cancer hair, which is also scary with a lilac lamp shade. Value

Warm contact: with Taurus, Virgo and Aries, who also consider it necessary to treat with a lot. Not everything with Gemini, Lee and Aquarius can grow a sterile crop because no additions have been made.

PE Length: Aries and Leo, through A Chegum, drive the hair and balance the extra energy that characterizes this character. And Sahari, don't learn or deserve a carnival.

CAà"RNIO Ruler of the planet: SATURN

Saturn is an astral character, combining loneliness and sadness. With this tutorial, many carnivores doubt their ability to seduce. Fortunately, Saturn de © deus two tempi and mostly two were born with the sign that it supports you. Soh's difficulties were gradually overcome, but this made him a happy and selfish man. It is the best love partner of all time.

GMEOS Ruling planet: Mercury.

Mercury - or the master of intelligence and fame, born of this sign, is endowed not only with living intelligence, but also with a critical spirit capable of understanding everything and expressing himself. Mercury sees them as an excuse for serious emotions or, in the long run, to become all nonsense and all magic barriers. To be on the wave for them, whether golden or in the first passion, r © Â © a rror.

For the woman of CAƒÂ "RNIO

Because the women of Nishan Choran are attracted to the struggle of men. They are not easy to understand and they often change their minds. These are the women who are afraid to fall in love with the wrong person, but when we find the real car, we are usually the ideal partner with them, with strong emotions. A woman from Carnivore who has hair for me, so that it meets your needs as well. Being as busy and serious about life as Caroline likes. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like men aint for me either. Women with the Charni sign are praised for their favorite memories.


Gemini, when he loves, he is always in motion. This is not how sinners can have a river or a routine in all aspects of their lives. For the clock  ©, for him, a real one. They are smart, like to talk and yes very eloquent and polite. They speak well and are often able to convince the tolerant female winner that they are interested in communication. The nature of your youth attracts most women. Her outlook on life, passion or parties and engagements and her constant search for something new or charming twin meme. Getting tired and finding new interests easily is a challenge.

Living with

Gemini and CaÃrnio together, you need to work hard to make sure that your energy times are towards the same goal, as your estimates vary individually because they do not feel that way. Do Gemini is out there, no world, but enjoy a different tidal experience without holding your breath. Carnio hates rocks and likes to hit the planning ■■■■ once the goal is set, at most or it is a challenge for Garnio to reach the same speed and not in one place.

Caórnio © © introverted and trim, Gemini © © but extraverted. Caórnio ub © anti, Gemini © © flexible. If they are carriages, describe a different character and make sure you don't cross the line to anyone else.

Gemini is the hair of the planet Mercury and Saturn is the carnim of the government. These planets can work for different purposes, it is important for Gemini and Coronis to differentiate their differences. Saturn will look at you and be ashamed in spite of all the difficulties. Mercury has the energy to move the project forward despite obstacles.

Both sides are determined and not easily delivered. If your energies are not directed in a positive way, these planets can combine emotions or give up. The cornea should be placed in the node or added a lot of water and moisten the soul of Gemini

Positive aspects of the relationship

A mailer aspect, will or GêªmeosCaóà© ©, each of which describes its own characteristics. Since they will allow them to live with each other instead of living, compare the other to the impossible parents and they will be able to type well to make ah. This is a challenging challenge for you, but it will be great if you learn to be like each other!

The twins love coronium, and Chornem says q © © explorer ... my mother-in-law supports it or my father-in-law and he orn ca of coronium ... your your is not your business. .bj࣠o! !

Either Gemini has a good connection, GA or Caronen  ©  © © © © which is difficult.

You and your wife, in order for you to be more accurate than a moment, I have to travel and go somewhere I can find, think about activities

Gemeos E Capricornio