Geico Pay My Bill

Geico Pay My Bill

Are geicos funny?

Well, car insurance is not so much fun. The first payment has a due date and if it has not been paid, a cancellation notice will be issued with the cancellation date.

Many people ignore the due date and think of the cancellation date as the due date. If your policy is canceled, there will be no delay. If that were the case, everything would be fine.

You need to call JICO to claim an account.

Gecko late payment

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Are geicos funny?

This is my first time using Gecko Car Insurance and my liability insurance expires on Thursday. I already paid, but it was too late because I didn't set up automatic payment. Basically, I'm wondering if I'm having a problem with them or if I'm going to pay a fee.

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In fact, it all depends on how much you pay in advance for insurance.

This is incorrect, there are no laws that give you 30 days, but there are laws that require that if we cancel your policy we must send you a cancellation notice. The cancellation policy will give you 15 days from delivery.

JICO does not charge a late fee and will not be notified as a credit until we send it to collect after the policy is canceled.

In short, if you have already paid your bills, there is nothing to worry about.

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Call Jaco and find out. As another poster suggests, the deadline for delays or cancellations is Thursday. If your appointment is canceled, you will know that you are not insured and your money may be lost and you will need to find another insurer.

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Geico Pay My Bill