Geek Speak

Geek Speak,

Geek Speak: What is the Meaning of Geek Speak?

  1. The technical language in which computer scientists use non-technicians and have no meaning.

Literal Meanings of Geek Speak


Meanings of Geek:
  1. People who are old or socially incompetent.

  2. Carnival or circus performer whose performance consists of strange movements.

  3. Engage in computer tasks with passion or focus on technical details.

  4. Understanding

Synonyms of Geek

gaze, dull person, peep, gape, sight, examination, ogle, study, observation, glance, glimpse, inspection, scan, view, stare, bore, peek, survey


Meanings of Speak:
  1. Say something to convey information, opinions or feelings.

  2. (Behavior, object, etc.) act as evidence of something.

  3. Makes sound while operating (musical instrument or something else).

Sentences of Speak
  1. He cannot speak in his enthusiasm

  2. Your boss is talking about fatigue

  3. The gun is talking again

Synonyms of Speak

exhibit, display, suggest, say, denote, say anything, say something, register, evince, indicate, talk, betray, manifest, be evidence of, disclose, reveal, reflect, demonstrate, mean, show