How To Define Gearing?

Wages are the percentage or percentage of a company's debt (D / E). Gearing shows how good the financing of a company's business is to shareholders through lenders. In other words, it measures the financial gain of the company. When the debt ratio is high, a company can be considered highly indebted or highly indebted.

  • March can be seen as a measuring lever for various debt indicators such as the Debt Index (D / E).
  • If a company has a high debt ratio, it can be considered very distorted.
  • The appropriate level of corporate credit depends on the degree of profitability of the sector and its partners.

A term that is widely used in relation to the leverage ratio of a company. When the profit margin of a company is high, a company is very much based. This is sometimes called capital or leverage.

Meanings of Gearing

  1. Arranging gears on a machine.

  2. Relationship between Credit Capital (Debt) of a Company and Leverage Value of Shared Shares (Shareholder Equity)

Sentences of Gearing

  1. Water inner wheels and factory wheels survive

  2. The company expects 20% leverage.