GDP per capita

GDP per capita,

Definition of GDP per capita:

  1. For each person; in relation to people taken individually.

  2. An estimate of how much an individual spends as a consumer compared to the total population spending on products and services.

  3. Relating or applied to each person.

Synonyms of GDP per capita

Apiece, Per person, Per capita, To each, For each, From each, Individually, Respectively

How to use GDP per capita in a sentence?

  1. When deciding where to open your store you should take into account the GDP per capita of the surrounding area.
  2. When trying to find out how much people in your area may spend at your shop you need to find out the GDP per capita .
  3. I prefer to think about the monetary value of a country in terms of its gdp per capita however there are other ways to do this.

Meaning of GDP per capita & GDP per capita Definition