Definition of Gauge:

  1. An instrument or device for measuring the magnitude, amount, or contents of something, typically with a visual display of such information.

  2. Instrument with a graduated dial or scale used in measuring a dimension or quantity or for establishing mechanical accuracy.

  3. Measure the dimensions of (an object) with a gauge.

  4. Estimate or determine the magnitude, amount, or volume of.

  5. The thickness, size, or capacity of something, especially as a standard measure.

  6. The position of a sailing vessel to windward (weather gage) or leeward (lee gage) of another.

  7. Unit of thickness of a metal sheet or wire. (1) For sheet metal, a retrogressive scale (higher numbers mean lower thickness) that starts with 10 gauge representing a thickness of 3.416 millimeters or 0.1345 inches. As the gauge number increases, the thickness drops by 10 percent. For example, a 12 gauge sheet is 2.732 millimeters thick, and a 13 gauge sheet is 2.391 millimeters thick. (2) For wire thickness there are two scales, see American wire Gauge for the first one. The second is a metric scale in which a gauge number is equal to 10 times the diameter of the wire in millimeters. For example, a 5 gauge wire is 0.5 millimeter in diameter and a 6 gauge wire is 0.6 millimeter in diameter. Also spelled as gage.

Synonyms of Gauge

Size, Measure, Extent, Degree, Scope, Capacity, Magnitude, Compute, Calculate, Work out, Measure, Calculate, Compute, Work out, Determine, Ascertain, Johansson block, T square, Adjust, Amount, Amplitude, Appraise, Appreciate, Area, Assay, Assess, Barometer, Basis, Benchmark, Bigness, Body, Breadth, Bulk, Calculate, Caliber, Calibrate, Caliper, Calipers, Call, Canon, Capacity, Catalog, Categorize, Chain, Check, Check a parameter, Class, Classify, Compass, Compute, Coverage, Criterion, Degree, Depth, Determine, Dial, Diameter, Dimension, Dimensions, Dipstick, Divide, Dividers, Enlarge, Estimate, Evaluate, Example, Expanse, Expansion, Extension, Extent, Factor, Fathom, Feeler gauge, Figure, Foot rule, Form an estimate, Gage, Gauge block, Gauger, Girth, Give an appreciation, Goniometer, Grade, Gradiometer, Graduate, Graduated scale, Greatness, Group, Guess, Guide, Guideline, Height, Identify, Instrument, Judge, Largeness, Length, Level, Limit, Line, Litmus test, Log, Log line, Magnitude, Make an estimation, Mark, Mass, Match, Measure, Measurement, Measurer, Mensurate, Mete, Meter, Meterstick, Micrometer, Model, Norm, Octant, Pace, Parameter, Pattern, Plumb, Plumb rule, Prize, Probe, Proportion, Proportions, Protractor, Quadrant, Quantify, Quantity, Quantize, Radius, Range, Rank, Rate, Reach, Reading, Readout, Reckon, Rod, Rule, Ruler, Scale, Scope, Sector, Set square, Sextant, Sift, Size, Size up, Sort, Sort out, Sound, Span, Spirit level, Spread, Square, Standard, Step, Survey, Take a reading, Tape, Tape measure, Tapeline, Test, Theodolite, Thrash out, Touchstone, Transit, Transit theodolite, Triangulate, Try square, Type, Valuate, Value, Vernier, Vernier caliper, Volume, Weigh, Width, Winnow, Yardstick, Measuring instrument, Measuring device, Meter, Measure

How to use Gauge in a sentence?

  1. She ran out of gas in her car because she didnt realize that the gas gauge was broken and was stuck on full.
  2. The first project required a 20 gauge sheet for the paneling, making it extremely thin - however the second project required only an 11 gauge sheet, making it comparatively thicker.
  3. If you get a good tent, its 60 gauges, about 130 pounds, it can take care of a family of five to seven throughout the winter, and you can have some items inside the tent that will keep the family warm.
  4. When dry, the assemblies can be gauged exactly and planed to width.
  5. At the machine shop, the workers were worried about getting metal sheets that were too thick, so they verified the gauge that they needed before they placed their order.
  6. A fuel gauge.
  7. Astronomers can gauge the stars intrinsic brightness.

Meaning of Gauge & Gauge Definition