Gato Castrado Foge

Gato Castrado Foge

My cat is gone mada ....? 3

first time. Eleven 12 months he was neutered for 4 months.

He doesn't even go to the garage for fear of any noise. Old in the front, but the power to cut the hair from the back.

Ordinary cat untouched (but not really in a sense of danger) long, neutered?

He died in the middle of the house and 200 meters away.

His partner was afraid of me many times because he lost her ... he also looked dumb because she was not mine ...

Or what could happen?

She's viral, lion.

Thank you, kisses ...


I'm not denying anyone, it must be Naruto.

Model !!!

He came back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He came back !!!!!!!!

Thank you all and all of you, and those who are still against castration, even heroes but ... learn about and you will see what makes you better than bad.

Bjssssss ........ ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

I do not GISSEM AA CAT policy, but eats a lot. But by the IT SEMNOƒAO, aspuk Alto Peru, RS ...... bJS ...

People are afraid to take care of the world like cats, resting on the equipment in neutral and slow time.

Your cat misses it, yes.

They sniff each other in the house, in things and keep on meowing and meowing.

The feelings that you have when you see a serious cat will come true, they are also capable of human beings.

My cat was depressed with medical symptoms when I died.

Try to get the cat in the vicinity, in the neighborhood, in the pet SPs if he stops or IM, maybe not.

Boa wasn't sorting out the day's news here when I found it.

PS: What he knows, neutering or two cats, especially two macs, does them no harm, yes it does. Avoid cancer and other illnesses, especially those in relationships.

Cats can also cause other diseases caused by cat AIDS (FIV) and cross-breeding (FIP, FELV, etc.).

Also, an indoor cat that stays can't go through stress, neutering or the burnt soil around it. My castration, I am 14 years old and that was the last time after castration, before people are too many imams.

Gato Castrado Foge

Gato Castrado Foge

This ac q is normal, the two cats are the same, because my sister lives in the fog every time and goes away for 2 months without it.

Cowardice around the cat

I know that because of you Castro or Zanu, someone robs him or her.

Before, he never greeted you: /

You are angry!

I also have the cowardice to bite the cat !! Own giant castrate themes!

It will take some time to change!

About you and any cat that has to be pushed aside by cowards.

I look forward to seeing her return. There should be no go ling.

Assurance was suicide, and TVE Q GIR PQ C HE 6 lives will be lost in the suicide tent, he killed himself elsewhere

Gato Castrado Foge

Gato Castrado Foge

Now and the normal neutered cat turned as it neutralized Angora Enko and managed to leave the open door when it was stopped by Now Sai.

Gato Castrado Foge