Definition of Gateway:

  1. Computer networks: Hardware/software device (such as a router) that connects and transfers data between two networks employing different communications protocols.

  2. General: Agency or mechanism that provides access to another agency, system, or information.

Synonyms of Gateway

French door, Archway, Back door, Barway, Bulkhead, Carriage entrance, Cellar door, Cellarway, Door, Doorjamb, Doorpost, Doorway, Front door, Gate, Gatepost, Hatch, Hatchway, Lintel, Porch, Portal, Porte cochere, Postern, Propylaeum, Pylon, Scuttle, Side door, Stile, Storm door, Threshold, Tollgate, Trap, Trap door, Turnpike, Turnstile

Meaning of Gateway & Gateway Definition

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