Definition of Gatekeeper:

  1. A junior officer (e.g. secretary) who has the authority or authority to control access to certain decision makers or information.

  2. A nurse refers to the requirements that must be met before a person is eligible for a long-term care plan or a person who oversees patient care through the Health Maintenance Organization (HMO).

  3. Caregivers do not refer to individuals, but face the conditions that must be met before a person can receive payment for their care insurance. These patterns are known as "gatekeepers" because they represent the gateway between individual payments and the police. To take advantage of the plan, you must first qualify according to the policy requirements.

  4. A partner at the door who controls who enters through the door.

How to use Gatekeeper in a sentence?

  1. To use it, the porter must lower the door as he leaves the tower.
  2. You can also appoint someone to oversee the care of patients at HMO.
  3. A caregiver may be required to qualify for a long-term care plan.
  4. Having a medical tutor can help reduce costs, but it can also reduce customer opportunities.
  5. The affected nurse was kind enough to allow us to start our exciting adventure in the new office.
  6. Having good guards outside the office means you can focus on the work at hand and you don't have to interrupt.
  7. On private phones, Alice often bribes the head of the dental office with dents and coffee in hopes of talking to the dentist.

Meaning of Gatekeeper & Gatekeeper Definition