Definition of Gate:

  1. See logic gate.

  2. Designated area in an airport terminal where passengers board or deplane an aircraft.

Synonyms of Gate

French door, Aboideau, Access, Admissions, Air lock, Arch dam, Archway, Assemblage, Attendance, Audience, Avails, Back door, Backstop, Ball cock, Ball valve, Bamboo curtain, Bank, Bar, Barrage, Barrier, Barway, Bear-trap dam, Beaver dam, Boom, Box office, Breakwater, Breastwork, Brick wall, Buffer, Bulkhead, Bullion, Bulwark, Bunghole, Button, Carriage entrance, Cashiering, Cast, Casting, Cellar door, Cellarway, Cock, Cofferdam, Commissions, Conge, Credit, Credits, Crowd, Dam, Defense, Deposal, Dike, Discharge, Disemployment, Dismissal, Displacing, Disposable income, Ditch, Dividend, Dividends, Dock gate, Door, Doorjamb, Doorpost, Doorway, Drain cock, Draw cock, Drumming out, Earned income, Earnings, Earthwork, Embankment, Entrance, Exit, Faucet, Fence, Firing, Flood-hatch, Floodgate, Forced separation, Front door, Furloughing, Gains, Gate receipts, Gatepost, Gateway, Get, Gravity dam, Groin, Gross, Gross income, Gross receipts, Hatch, Hatchway, Head gate, Hydrant, Hydraulic-fill dam, Income, Ingate, Ingot, Intake, Iron curtain, Jam, Jetty, Layoff, Leaping weir, Levee, Lintel, Lock, Lock gate, Logjam, Make, Milldam, Moat, Mole, Mound, Needle valve, Net, Net income, Net receipts, Opening, Output, Parapet, Passage, Penstock, Petcock, Pig, Pink slip, Porch, Portal, Portcullis, Porte cochere, Postern, Proceeds, Produce, Profits, Propylaeum, Pylon, Rampart, Receipt, Receipts, Receivables, Regulus, Removal, Retirement, Returns, Revenue, Roadblock, Rock-fill dam, Royalties, Runner, Scuttle, Sea cock, Seawall, Sheet metal, Shutter dam, Side door, Sluice, Sluice gate, Sow, Spigot, Sprue, Stile, Stone wall, Stopcock, Storm door, Surplusing, Suspension, Take, Take-in, Takings, Tap, Tedge, The ax, The boot, The bounce, The gate, The sack, Threshold, Ticket, Tide gate, Tollgate, Trap, Trap door, Turnpike, Turnstile, Unearned income, Valve, Valvula, Valvule, Walking papers, Wall, Water gate, Weir, Wicket dam, Work, Yield

Meaning of Gate & Gate Definition

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