1. Garnishment/garnish means: A legal process that allows lenders to withdraw funds from your bank account to settle outstanding debts. If you owe money to someone or a company, they can get a court order that orders your bank to repay the funds from your account in order to pay off your debt. See prediction questions.

Literal Meanings of Garnishment/garnish


Meanings of Garnishment:
  1. Decoration

  2. The court orders that someone else's money or property (usually the salary paid by the employer) be used to pay off the debt to the debtor of the debtor.

Sentences of Garnishment
  1. Salary cuts for lenders There is a way to save money by declaring bankruptcy.


Meanings of Garnish:
  1. Decoration or beautiful (anything, especially food)

  2. Serve with side dishes.

  3. Decoration or ornament of something, especially food.

Sentences of Garnish
  1. Salad with orange slices on top

  2. Leave the watercress leaves for decoration

Synonyms of Garnish

finishing touch, enhance, decorate, trimming, add the finishing touch to, brighten up, beautification, adorn, grace, ornamentation, adornment, set off, beautify, ornament, prettify, dress, decoration, embellishment, trim, enhancement, embellish