Definition of Garbage:

  1. All refuse other than industrial-waste and effluents. It consists largely of easily decomposable and putrefying organic (animal and vegetable) waste from preparation, handling, storage, and sale or serving of food.

  2. Wasted or spoiled food and other refuse, as from a kitchen or household.

Synonyms of Garbage

Bilge, Bilgewater, Bones, Carrion, Chaff, Crap, Culm, Deadwood, Debris, Detritus, Dishwater, Ditchwater, Draff, Dregs, Dross, Dust, Filings, Filth, ■■■■, Hogwash, Husks, Junk, Kelter, Leavings, Lees, Litter, Muck, Offal, Offscourings, Orts, Parings, Potsherds, Rags, Raspings, Refuse, Riffraff, Rubbish, Rubble, Scourings, Scrap iron, Scraps, Scum, Scurf, Sewage, Sewerage, Shards, Shavings, Slack, Slag, Slop, Slops, Slough, Stubble, Sweepings, Swill, Tares, Trash, Wastage, Waste, Waste matter, Wastepaper, Weeds, Refuse, Domestic refuse, Waste, Waste material, Debris, Detritus, Litter, Junk, Scrap, Discarded matter

How to use Garbage in a sentence?

  1. Working for a trash collection company means you have to collect other peoples garbage , its not a fun job but it is necessary.
  2. Garbage littered the estate.
  3. We had to make sure to throw all the garbage away at the end of the day to avoid getting bugs, or something like that.
  4. The excessive garbage generated by the industry was of considerable consequence to the small island nation that had trash washing ashore regularly.

Meaning of Garbage & Garbage Definition

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