Garage Location

Garage Location,

How To Define Garage Location?

Garage Location can be defined as, Postal code where your car is parked when not in use usually corresponds to your place of residence.

Literal Meanings of Garage Location


Meanings of Garage:
  1. Residential buildings for cars or motor vehicles.

  2. Mixed raw and energetic rock styling with suburban amateur bands.

  3. A form of dance music that includes drums and bass, house music and elements of the soul and is characterized by a rhythm in which the second and fourth steps are omitted.

  4. Keep motor vehicles in the garage.

Sentences of Garage
  1. A family home with an integrated garage

  2. Garage group

  3. You do not have to park your car in the winter

Synonyms of Garage

car port, lock-up


Meanings of Location:
  1. Some special place or location.

Sentences of Location
  1. This property is in an ideal location

Synonyms of Location

site, point, spot, whereabouts, situation, locality, locale, placement, place, position