Garage Door Opener Wattage

Garage Door Opener Wattage

How much electricity does a garage door opener use?

I asked her why my husband uses electric garage doors as a sidewalk and still does. If it's expensive, I want to be able to send you through someone's door!

My electricity supplier charges 0.11 per kilowatt

Garage Door Opener Wattage

Garage Door Opener Wattage

Some time ago someone asked the same question.

The simple answer is ... maybe not much. If you want more details ...

Let's take a look at how much power your remote uses. Well, make some pretty crazy assumptions to determine the worst case scenario (think of the most expensive option).

First, decide how many times a week you will open and close the garage door. Then multiply by 4.3 (average number of weeks in a month). Then apply the output power in watts because the maximum power is usually used when the motor is running while running continuously and the door lift motors are also heavy and take 5 minutes to lift and lower the door. (Lets see the worst case scenario now!)

So that's what we do

10 additions and subtractions per day, each day of the week: 7 days / week

4.34 weeks each month

The 1/2 electric motor, being alternating and inefficient, uses more power than its rated power (3/4 x 750 watts power consumption for 1 power = 570 watts)

[10 x 7 x 4.34] x [570 x 5/60] x [Price $ 0.12 per kWh] / 1000

I earned 74 1.74 for one month. To estimate the effect of its use, the octa of the first 2 cactus can be divided by 1000 at the end, i.e. the third cactus, but it does not matter, because the division and multiplication process (unless No additions / subtractions are performed) In this setting, practice can be performed.

For example, it helps you and makes you a better user. I think 12 cents per kilowatt is a bit high, but I didn't look at the annual supply report to see better numbers. I doubt it will work 20 cents per kilowatt, except maybe in California.

If you want to reduce power consumption, choose high voltage devices that are used regularly. For fixtures that last longer (especially with incandescent or halogen lamps), check to see if CFDs can work there. In 2006, my consumption was 6,080 kW, which is an average of 507 kW per month. (There were only two of us, but we have bad Urs and I run my computer most days for 1216 Urs, which is 600 watts as indicated).

Average Power Consumption ... Annual Report of Southern Companies for Fiscal Year 2005 (p.83) List of Life Average

Sales are 8.57 cents per kilowatt

Annual consumption of 14,084 kWh

Annual income 1,207

[I want to see aggregate data to find out where I am. Maybe you too.]

Garage door opener

Garage Door Opener Wattage

Garage Door Opener Wattage

Even if it is 5 cents or less, the electricity generated should not be wasted just for your own benefit. There are other types of use that do not cost electricity and they reduce noise.

When measuring, or maybe you open it and look inside. It can easily have lids, doors or lids.

It feels like a maximum of 70 watts or more.

Or there may be a guide.

1 HP is equal to 732 watts, so you use 366 watts ut.util co. The rating depends on whether your kilowatt per ur means every 1000 watts of power per ur. So you need to know how much you are charging per kilowatt.

Weight Because they are all different, they all require different amounts. I don't really know the average.

Garage Door Opener Wattage