Garage Clothing Careers

Garage Clothing Careers

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Be sure to bring your resume with you when you arrive at the workshop. One of the sales representatives or managers will give you an application folder to attach to your resume. If the manager is around, you can usually get to know him, and if he's interested, he'll usually ask you to take the time to do some testing.

Most workshops have checks for girls who want to apply. When you apply, the manager / woman will accept your request and check that you are dressed in garage clothes and / or you can see our ideal garage girl, Alexia (the girl you see at the store sign). Are).

For example, I help. I now! :] This is a great place to work!

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Garage clothing competition

Check out their website first. You can get the app online.

If not

Don't miss out on your resume ... you can print more.

Wear pants instead of jeans. They don't have to be great, but jeans aren't cool. You want to dress a little better when you got the job, I don't remember if they allowed their employees to wear jeans, but you want to look a little better.

Garage Clothing Careers

Garage Clothing Careers

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Garage Clothing Careers