GAP Coverage

GAP Coverage,

What is GAP Coverage?

Asset protection coverage is guaranteed. This type of insurance usually covers the difference between the price of your car and your loan if your car is declared a complete loss due to an accident or theft.

Literal Meanings of GAP Coverage


Meanings of GAP:
  1. Any pause or hole in an object or between two things.

  2. There is an interval in space.

Sentences of GAP
  1. Through the hole in the fence

  2. There are many gaps in our understanding of what happened

Synonyms of GAP

breach, rent, crack, fissure, cleft, intermission, vent, breathing space, discontinuity, fracture, interstice, slit, chink, perforation, delay, cavity, slot, break, pause, cranny


Meanings of Coverage:
  1. To the extent that something refers to something else or applies to something else.