Definition of Gaming:

  1. Training: Technique in which a group attempts to create (simulate) the essential features of a real-world situation of conflict such as a negotiation, court case, or war. The group is divided into subgroups which represent contesting parties and where individuals play the role of rivals. Used in business schools, law schools, and military, gaming aims to detect and understand the dynamics of particular situations.

  2. Law: Considered same as gambling, it is described as playing of a game of chance for winning a sum of money (or moneys worth) whether or not other player(s) are at risk of losing money (or moneys worth). Gaming is generally regulated along with betting, and lotteries.

  3. The action or practice of playing video games.

  4. The action or practice of playing gambling games.

How to use Gaming in a sentence?

  1. Im fourteen years old and enjoy gaming and playing baseball.
  2. Gaming is evident everywhere in Las Vegas, not just on the Strip.

Meaning of Gaming & Gaming Definition

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