Gamestop Warranty

Gamestop Warranty

How does a one-year game stop warranty work? ? 3

When I buy a set, I buy one year warranty. My game is now scratch and not working. It's been a year and I'm accepting. Am I eligible for Store Credit or new games? Or you can't do it at all?

Game stop warranty

For less than a year and you have a receipt (they can keep your data because the game is under warranty) they will replace it if they have a copy in the email. But they can only do this once.

They give you a new record.

I bought only one of them under warranty and the reason was that I had already damaged the disc. Instead of buying a new one, I persuaded my friend to buy the game and give him a few dollars to use my disk warranty :)

You will replace the device until you receive the receipt and purchase it within that year.

What if I go to the game stop and replace my broken game and it costs $ 60 and the best version of the game costs $ 100, can I pay an extra $ 40 for the updated edition?

Gamestop Warranty