What is The Meaning of Gamekeepers?

And hunter (rangers who become hunters) is a metaphor that refers to employees who are positive or destructive to the organizations that employ them, and especially those who are unhappy and negative and dedicated, positive employees and rangers. Harassment causes loyalty. ) Restraining, resisting, not cooperating, arguing, etc. (Hunters) and, in extreme cases, the employer's serious commitment to sabotage or destruction, which may include working for a competitor, including products, markets, methods, consumers, other contacts, etc. To communicate And win over the customers of the previous company (hunting).

Meanings of Gamekeepers

  1. People usually work in sports maintenance and safety on large farms.

Sentences of Gamekeepers

  1. This point is made clear by comparing the efforts of two Rangers on two comparable features, one in the south-east of England and the other in the east of England.

Synonyms of Gamekeepers

watchkeeper , officer , guard , deacon , guardian , overseer , skipper , watchdog , curator , dogcatcher , ranger , keeper , caretaker , bodyguard , administrator , custodian , jailer/jailor , janitor , prison head , governor , superintendent