Gamecube Cooking Games

Gamecube Cooking Games

Are there any cooking or life games for Game Cube? 3

Looking for games like Harvest Moon: A Wonderland Life.

This game is awesome! I bought a new Claire today and I'm playing!

Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with this type of game. They are very good, but the market for them is limited because most people prefer to play with them instead of taking care of the farm animals.

I would suggest Animal Crossing, but it's only for DS and Wii, 3DS coming soon. However, there is another Harvest Moon game available for Game Cube, and many say it is a good game.

They add a musical tone feature to perform certain tasks, such as almost successes or trophies that will keep the player busy for a while.

Yes, try Sims or Animal Cross Breads.

Gamecube Cooking Games