Definition of Game:

  1. Decision theory: Situation of conflict (competition) in which the payoffs received by participants from their actions, choices, and decisions are at least partly determined by the actions, choices, and decisions of the other contestants. This concept of games includes contests of strategy (such as baseball, basketball, card-games, checkers, chess, cricket, hockey, soccer, tennis), but not those based on pure chance (such as lotteries). In these situations, while one may (with practice) become more adept at predicting the opponents strategies and tactics, ones moves are still constantly conditioned by the other participants moves.

  2. Marketing: Promotional event more similar to a contest than to a sweepstakes because it requires some level of skill (such as hitting a target with a ball). And a game often creates more participant involvement than either of them.

Synonyms of Game

Animalia, Boston, Byzantine intrigues, Earl of Coventry, Monopoly, Olympic games, Olympics, Ping-Pong, Pit, Polish bank, Rugby, Russian bank, Scrabble, Acquiescent, Action, Adventurous, Agreeable, Aim, Alacritous, All fours, Amenable, Amusement, And fish, Animal kingdom, Animal life, Animality, Approach, Archery, Ardent, Arrangement, Art, Artful dodge, Artifice, Aspic, Association football, Attack, Baccarat, Backgammon, Backstairs influence, Bad, Badminton, Bagatelle, Ball, Bandy, Banker, Barbecue, Baseball, Basketball, Battledore and shuttlecock, Beano, Beasts, Beasts of field, Beasts of prey, Beasts of venery, Bet, Big game, Big time, Billiards, Bingo, Birds, Blackjack, Blind, Blueprint, Blueprinting, Bluff, Boiled meat, Bold, Bouilli, Bout, Bowling, Bowls, Boxing, Brag, Brave, Bridge, Brute creation, Bulldoggish, Business, Butt, By-end, By-purpose, Byword, Byword of reproach, Cabal, Calculation, Call, Calling, Canasta, Career, Career building, Careerism, Casino, Cast lots, Castrated, Cat, Catch, Cattle, Charades, Charting, Chase, Checkers, Chess, Chicanery, Civet, Climbing, Collusion, Commerce, Commit, Competition, Compliant, Complicity, Complot, Conception, Concours, Confederacy, Connections, Connivance, Consenting, Conspiracy, Content, Contest, Contract, Contract bridge, Contrivance, Contriving, Cooperative, Counterplot, Coup, Courageous, Covin, Craft, Crambo, Cribbage, Cricket, Crippled, Croquet, Curling, Cut lots, Cut the cards, Cute trick, Daring, Dauntless, Deals, Decathlon, Deceit, Deep-laid plot, Derby, Derision, Design, Destination, Device, Devices, Devil-may-care, Disabled, Discus, Disposed, Disposition, Dissemble, Dissimulate, Distraction, Diversion, Docile, Dodge, Domestic animals, Dominoes, Double-header, Doubles, Draughts, Draw lots, Draw straws, Dupe, Eager, Ecarte, Emasculated, Encounter, End, End in view, Engagement, Engineering, Enterprise, Enthusiastic, Envisagement, Euchre, Event, Expedient, Fain, Fair game, Fake, Fakement, Faro, Fauna, Favorable, Favorably disposed, Favorably inclined, Fearless, Feign, Feint, Fencing, Fetch, Field, Fight, Figure of fun, Figuring, Finagling, Final cause, Finesse, Fishing, Five hundred, Fives, Flesh, Flinch, Fool, Football, Forcemeat, Foresight, Forethought, Forward, Foursome, Frame-up, Fright, Frog, Fun, Fun and games, Funmaking, Furry creatures, Gambit, Gamble, Games, Games of chance, Gamy, Gazingstock, Ghost, Gimmick, Gin, Gin rummy, Gliding, Go, Goal, Goat, Golf, Good time, Graphing, Great fun, Grift, Gritty, Ground plan, Guidelines, Gutsy, Gutty, Gymkhana, Hachis, Halt, Halting, Hamstrung, Handball, Handicapped, Handicraft, Hash, Hearts, Heroic, Hide-and-seek, High old time, High time, High-spirited, Hiking, Hobbling, Hockey, Hopscotch, Horseshoes, Hunting, Hurdling, Ice hockey, Idea, In the mind, In the mood, Incapacitated, Inclined, Influence peddling, Intention, Intrepid, Intrigue, Intrigues, Jacks, Jackstones, Jackstraws, Jerky, Jest, Jestingstock, Job, Joint, Joke, Joust, Jugged hare, Jugglery, Keno, Kill, Knavery, Lacrosse, Lame, Lansquenet, Laughingstock, Laughs, Lawn tennis, Lay, Layout, Leapfrog, Lifework, Limping, Line, Line of business, Line of work, Lineup, Little game, Livestock, Lobbying, Lobbyism, Long-range plan, Loo, Lot, Lottery, Lotto, Lovely time, Luging, Machination, Maimed, Maneuver, Maneuvering, Manipulation, Mapping, Marbles, Mark, Master plan, Match, Match coins, Matching, Matrimony, Meat, Meet, Meeting, Menue viande, Merels, Method, Methodology, Metier, Mettlesome, Mince, Minded, Misrepresent, Mission, Mockery, Monkey, Monte, Motorcycling, Mountaineering, Move, Mumble-the-peg, Mystery, Napoleon, Nervy, Ninepins, Number, Object, Object in mind, Objective, Occupation, Old maid, Ombre, Operations research, Organization, Pall-mall, Pallone, Pastime, Patience, Pelota, Pemmican, Penny ante, Pentathlon, Pertinacious, Picnic, Picquet, Plan, Planning, Planning function, Play, Play at dice, Play games, Play the ponies, Play-off, Pleasant time, Pliant, Plot, Plotting, Ploy, Ploys, Plucky, Poker, Polo, Pool, Position, Post office, Pot roast, Practice, Prearrangement, Predisposed, Prepared, Pretend, Prey, Procedure, Profession, Program, Program of action, Prompt, Prone, Pursuit, Pushball, Put on, Put-and-take, Pyramids, Quadrille, Quarry, Quick, Quintain, Quoits, Race, Racket, Racquets, Raffle off, Rally, Rationalization, Ready, Ready and willing, Reason for being, Receptive, Recreation, Red herring, Red-blooded, Regatta, Rencontre, Resolute, Responsive, Reverse, Riding, Rigging, Roast, Roller skating, Ropes, Rouge et noir, Round, Rounders, Rowing, Rum, Rummy, Runoff, Ruse, Sailing, Sailplaning, Sausage meat, Schedule, Schema, Schematism, Schematization, Scheme, Scheme of arrangement, Schemery, Schemes, Scheming, Scrapple, Sculling, Set, Setup, Seven-up, Shift, Shinny, Shoot craps, Shooting, Shot-put, Shuffleboard, Singles, Skat, Skating, Skeet, Skeet shooting, Ski-jumping, Skiing, Skin-diving, Skittles, Sledding, Sleight, Small game, Snipsnapsnorum, Snooker, Snorkel diving, Snowmobiling, Soccer, Softball, Solitaire, Spavined, Specialization, Specialty, Speculate, Speculation, Spirited, Spiritful, Sport, Sports, Spunky, Squash, Stake, Stickball, Stock, Straight poker, Stratagem, Strategic plan, Strategy, Strings, Stud poker, Subterfuge, Surfing, System, Systematization, Table tennis, Tactic, Tactical plan, Tactics, Target, Teleology, Tenacious, Tennis, Tenpins, Tent pegging, Test, Tetherball, The big picture, The hunted, The picture, Thirty-one, Threesome, Ticktacktoe, Tiddlywinks, Tilt, Tilting, Tipcat, Tivoli, Tobogganing, Toss, Tough, Tournament, Tourney, Toy, Tractable, Trade, Trapshooting, Trial, Trick, Trickery, Tug of war, Twenty-one, Twosome, Ultimate aim, Unafraid, Undaunted, Underplot, Unflinching, Valiant, Valorous, Venery, Venison, Viande, Victim, Vingt-et-un, Vocation, Volleyball, Wager, Walk, Walk of life, Water polo, Waterskiing, Way, Web of intrigue, Well-disposed, Well-inclined, Whist, Wild animals, Wildlife, Wile, Willed, Willing, Willinghearted, Wily device, Wire-pulling, Wires, Work, Working plan, Wrestling, Zealous

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