Definition of Gain:

  1. A gross gain refers to the positive difference between the sale price and the purchase price. A net gain takes transaction costs and other expenses into consideration. A gain may also be either realized or unrealized. A realized gain is the profit that is received when the asset is sold, and an unrealized gain, also known as a paper gain, is the increase since purchase while the asset is still owned by the buyer. Another important distinction between gains is when they are taxable or non-taxable, as taxes can have a large impact on how much of a gain actually ends up in an investor's pocket.

  2. An increase in wealth or resources.

  3. An increase in profit, price, or value.

  4. An increase, or the act of becoming larger.

  5. A gain is an increase in the value of an asset or property. A gain arises if the selling price of the asset is higher than the original purchase price. A gain can occur anytime in the life of an asset. If an investor owns a stock purchased for $15 and the market now prices that stock at $20, then the investor is sitting on a five dollar gain. That said, a gain only truly matters when the asset is sold and the gains are realized as profit. An asset may see many unrealized gains and losses between purchase and sale because the market is constantly reassessing the value of assets.

  6. Increase the amount or rate of (something, typically weight or speed).

  7. Obtain or secure (something desired, favorable, or profitable).

Synonyms of Gain

Increase in, Put on, Add on, Build up, Profit, Earnings, Income, Advantage, Benefit, Reward, Emolument, Yield, Return, Winnings, Receipts, Proceeds, Dividend, Interest, Percentage, Takings, Accept, Access, Accession, Accomplish, Accretion, Accrual, Accrue, Accruement, Accumulate, Accumulation, Achieve, Achievement, Acquire, Acquisition, Addition, Admit, Advance, Advantage, Aggrandizement, Ameliorate, Amend, Amplification, Appreciate, Appreciation, Approach, Argue into, Arrive, Arrive at, Arrive in, Ascent, Assume, Attain, Attain to, Attainment, Augmentation, Avail, Available gain, Bag, Balloon, Ballooning, Be received, Be responsible for, Be seized of, Bear the palm, Behalf, Behoof, Benefit, Benison, Blessing, Bloat, Bloating, ■■■■ in, Bob up, ■■■■, Boon, Boost, Breed, Bring down, Bring in, Bring on, Bring over, Bring round, Bring to reason, Bring upon, Broaden, Broadening, Buildup, Capital gains, Captivate, Capture, Carry, Carry away, Carry it, Carry off, Carry the day, Catch, Catch up with, Charm, Check in, Cleanup, Clear, Clear profit, Clock in, Close with, Collect, Come, Come along, Come by, Come in, Come in for, Come into, Come on, Come out first, Come to, Come to hand, Come up to, Come up with, Complete, Con, Consummate, Contract, Convalesce, Convince, Corral, Crescendo, Cure, Current gain, Cut, ■■■■ time, Derive, Derive from, Develop, Development, Dividend, Dividends, Drag down, Draw, Draw from, Draw over, Earn, Earnings, Edema, Elevation, Emolument, Enhancement, Enlargement, Enter into possession, Expansion, Extension, Fall in with, Fall into, Fetch, Fetch up at, Filthy lucre, Find, Finish in front, Flood, Fluke, Fulfill, Gain ground, Gain on, Gain over, Gain strength, Gain the day, Gain upon, Gains, Garner, Gather, Get, Get ahead, Get along, Get better, Get in, Get there, Get to, Gettings, Glean, Gleanings, Go ahead, Go forward, Go up, Good, Graduate, Greatening, Gross, Gross profit, Grow, Grow better, Growth, Gush, Harvest, Have, Have coming in, Heal, Hike, Hit, Hit town, Hoard, Holdup, ■■■■, ■■■■ in, Hysteresis, Improve, Improvement, Income, Increase, Increment, Incur, Inflation, Intensify, Interest, Invigorate, Invite, It, Jump, Killing, Lag, Lap, Leap, Leave behind, Leave standing, Look up, Lucre, Make, Make a killing, Make headway, Make it, Make progress, Make strides, Makings, Margin, Meliorate, Mend, Money, Mount, Mounting, Multiplication, Multiply, Narrow the gap, Neat profit, Net, Net profit, Obtain, Operational gain, Outdistance, Outpace, Output lag, Outrun, Outsail, Outstrip, Outtalk, Overhaul, Overtake, Paper profits, Pass, Pay, Payment, Pelf, Percentage, Perfect, Perk, Perk up, Perks, Perquisite, Persuade, Pick up, Pickings, Pop up, Prevail on, Prevail upon, Prevail with, Proceeds, Process lag, Procure, Produce, Productiveness, Profit, Profits, Progress, Proliferate, Proliferation, Pull down, Pull in, Punch in, Raise, Rake-off, Rally, Reach, Realize, Reap, Receipts, Receive, Recuperate, Remedy, Renew, Return, Returns, Revenue, Ring in, Rise, Roll in, Run, Run up, Sack, Score, Secure, Sell, Sell one on, Shape up, Share, Shoot up, Show improvement, Show up, Sign in, Skyrocket, Snowball, Snowballing, Spread, Store, Strengthen, Succeed, Surge, Sway, Swell, Swelling, Take, Take in, Take off, Take on, Take over, Take the cake, Take-in, Talk into, Talk over, Throughput, Time constants, Time in, Time lead, Tumescence, Turn up, Up, Upping, Upsurge, Upswing, Uptrend, Upturn, Wangle, Wangle into, Wax, Waxing, Wealth, Wear down, Welcome, Welfare, Well-being, Widen, Widening, Win, Win out, Win over, Win the battle, Win the laurels, Win the palm, Win the prize, Win through, Winnings, World of good, Yield, Obtain, Get, Acquire, Come by, Procure, Secure, Attain, Achieve, Earn, Win, Capture, Clinch, Pick up, Carry off, Reap, Gather

How to use Gain in a sentence?

  1. The mayor was accused of using municipal funds for personal gain.
  2. Once an asset that has seen a gain in value is sold, an investor is said to have realized the gain - or put more simply, made a profit.
  3. Sometimes you may have more to lose then to gain from a venture so it is best to cut your losses while you can.
  4. A gain is the positive difference between what you pay for an asset and what you sell it for. If the difference is negative, it is a loss.
  5. I have gained weight over the years.
  6. Investors may talk about gains whenever the market price of an asset exceeds the purchase price they paid, but unrealized gains may come and go many times before an asset is sold.
  7. The gain clearly outweighs any negative externalities, ramifications, or implications. We cannot ignore the outstanding upside of our new business idea.
  8. I told them that I did not wanna go to the party with them because I would not gain anything from it.
  9. The process has gained the confidence of the industry.

Meaning of Gain & Gain Definition

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What Does Gain Mean?

  1. Profit is an increase in the value of an asset or property. Profit occurs when the sale price of an asset exceeds the initial purchase price. Assets can be profitable at any time during the working life. If an investor owns a stock that was bought for 15 and the market is now trading at $ 20, that investor will have a profit of $ 5. However, this asset is sold and the profit as a profit is obtained only if. An asset between buying and selling can see many unrealistic advantages and disadvantages as the market is constantly examining the value of the asset.

    • Profit There is a positive difference between paying for an asset and what you sell. If the difference is negative, it is a disadvantage.
    • Investors can talk about profit, as long as the market value of an asset exceeds the purchase price. However, unrealistic benefits can often appear and disappear before the asset is sold.
    • After the sale of an asset that has been valued, the investor is said to have made a profit, or more simply, a profit.

  2. Gain means: Extra income from expenses related to certain transactions.

Meanings of Gain

  1. Accept or Protect (Desirable, Cheap or Profitable)

  2. Increase in quantity or speed (anything, usually weight or speed)

Sentences of Gain

  1. This process won the trust of the industry

  2. I have lost weight over the years

  3. The mayor is accused of using city funds for personal gain


How Do You Define Gain?

Increase in property value i. An n appears when e's sales are higher than e's verbal purchases. It can happen at any point in Ann's life. If an investor buys a share for 15 and the market now owns a share for $ 20, that investor has N $ 5. Another is that you can see a lot of unrealistic pros and cons between buying and selling as the market keeps reviewing the price of ETS.

  • There is a positive difference between what you pay and what you sell. If the difference is negative then there is loss.
  • Investors can talk about UTNS as long as there is a market for someone and the buyer pays more, but unrealistic NS can appear and disappear many times in the sales process.
  • Once the asset is sold and viewed, the investor will have no profit in other words.

Pay an extra amount that exceeds the costs associated with an additional transaction.

Meanings of Gain

  1. Get or get (what you want or want).

  2. Arrive or arrive (destination)

  3. Increase in number or speed (some, usually weight or speed).

  4. The element by which the power or voltage in an amplifier or other electronic device is increased, commonly referred to as a logarithm.

Sentences of Gain

  1. We get there in five seconds by car.

  2. We won the badge

  3. In pursuit of personal gain

  4. High gain amplifier

Synonyms of Gain

scoop, bunce, make it to, be given, get one's mitts on, pot, be awarded, walk away with, walk off with, divvy, land, slice of the cake, land up at, set foot on, get hold of, end up at, whack, cop, get as far as, wind up at, come away with, nab, get one's hands on, collar, acquire more of something


Gain Meanings:

A simple definition of Gain is: n is the total increase in the value of the property i. An n appears when the output current exceeds the purchase. For accounting and tax purposes, ns can be classified in several ways, for example, with reference to pure ns or perceived ns versus unreal ns (paper). Capital letters can also be classified as short-term vs. long-term.

  • A n occurs when the current outstanding payment e exceeds the initial payment e.
  • Investors can talk about utns as long as there is a market for someone and they pay more to buy, but unrealistic NS can appear and disappear many times in the sales process.
  • After selling and viewing the asset, the investor is said to have taken the asset - or even easier, profit.

Meanings of Gain

  1. Get or get (whatever you want or want).


The excess of REVENUES received over and above the costs associated with a particular transaction.