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Increasing the number of customer reviews for your products will lead to increased sales. Discover how you can build up a methodology that will drive transformations over the Christmas period of 2021.

The fourth quarter Prime Day (which took place in October) sparked a wave of year-end shopping events. To contend with Prime Day on October 13-14, retailers like Target and Best Buy in the US dispatched their own finish of-year advancements on similar dates to grandstand their products to a large number of retailers. 'online shoppers. In France, initiatives are also multiplying.

With the increment in Christmas advancements this final quarter and the monstrous volume of search traffic internet, planning for this Christmas season is basic.

Increasing product reviews will improve organic search rankings and lead to more conversions.

79% of consumers go to Amazon to read reviews before making a purchase. It’s dependent upon you to exploit it.

Reviews also build brand credibility. This can be a huge incentive for people to buy from a brand that has received a lot of positive reviews rather than its competitors. A trustworthy brand can inspire repeat purchases and retain customers. Building up a client survey technique assists brands with separating themselves from the opposition. This remains all the more important for this very competitive fourth quarter.

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How important are customer reviews?

Product reviews offer many benefits:

  • Improved ranking in organic searches
  • Reinforcement of advertising results
  • Increase in conversions
  • Building a credible brand image
  • Featuring consumer loyalty and building trust in the brand

Amazon Star Rating Requirements

Each product ASIN on Amazon must have a minimum of 15 customer reviews and a 3.5-star rating. It’s dependent upon you to exploit items that have gotten a 4-star rating for the Christmas season. Why? Simply in order to gain a competitive advantage. The most successful brands have hundreds, if not thousands, of reviews for their products. It is crucial to focus on more than the base necessities for a dealer to build up his image and set up his validity in the commercial center.

The significance of recency of client surveys on Amazon

According to BrightLocal, the majority (84%) of consumers think that online reviews older than three months are no longer relevant. The estimation of item audits decays as the survey “ages”. On the off chance that a purchaser is hesitant to purchase an item between two brands that have a comparative number of surveys, the brand with the latest audits will probably win the deal. Brands that have recent reviews will set themselves apart from their competition and encourage more Internet users to buy their products.

How to build the number of audits of your items on Amazon?

This is a simple but essential step in increasing product reviews… Well, quite simply, ask your customers for feedback after every transaction. According to PowerReviews, almost 80% of reviews are left after the buyer receives an email requesting a review. Sellers have 30 days to request a review from their customers, and customers have 90 days to submit their reviews after their purchase.

To demand a survey from a new client, you can utilize either the purchaser merchant informing or the “Solicitation an audit” button on Amazon. Purchaser merchant informing permits vendors to incorporate their logo, send customized messages (per Amazon rules), give ASIN-explicit messages, and utilize outsider devices that can computerize the cycle.

The button “Request a review” is also an interesting option, as it allows to include the brand name, the image of the purchased item, the message is automatically translated into the language of inclination of the purchaser and Amazon sends the message in the interest of the dealer. You can also automate this process using an external tool.

Tips to reduce the number of negative reviews during this holiday season 2021

Optimize your descriptions

Make sure your ads are clear and to the point, as it’s essential not to mislead the buyer. Otherwise, you risk receiving a negative opinion. A large number of negative reviews will severely damage a seller’s credibility and discourage people from buying your brand.

Comment publicly on reviews

Commenting on reviews is a great way for sellers to show their customers and future buyers that they value reviews and that they will help with any product issues. Whether a review is positive or negative, commenting on reviews will allow sellers to show that they care about their customers’ experience.

Create alerts on reviews

Salespeople can use an automation tool to set up alerts that will allow them to respond immediately to customer feedback. This is especially important for negative reviews. This is on the grounds that a dealer can fix a client’s issue and may make them eliminate the negative survey and present another positive audit.

Monitor reviews and learn from them

Reading the reviews provides valuable information. A seller may have defective item numbers, there may be a problem with the product packaging, or customers may have delivery delays. Overall, reading customer reviews will help sellers address product concerns, make improvements, and drive brand growth. Input is in every case great to take to ceaselessly develop yourself!

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