What Does G7 Mean?

G7 can be defined as, Group of Seven: Seven major industrialized countries outside the Communist bloc: the United States, Japan, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Canada.

Literal Meanings of G7


Meanings of G:
  1. Gas

  2. Castration

  3. Grass.

  4. Displays a quantum state or wave function that does not change signals when the original is reversed.

  5. Gravity acceleration is 9.81 m / s².

  6. The seventh letter of the alphabet.

  7. The fifth note of the ditonic scale in C major.

  8. Gauss

  9. Gigabytes (in units of measure)

  10. Large (thousands of dollars)

  11. The units of gravity are the same as those used by the Earth's gravitational field.

  12. German.

  13. Good.

  14. Gibbs-free energy

  15. Classification of the voluntary film rating system suitable for the general public, all ages.

  16. The gravitational constant is 6.67 × 10 11 N m² kg².

Synonyms of G

thousand dollars, thousand pounds