What is Future?

  1. Future means: An agreement in a futures exchange that deals with the receipt or settlement of a cash transaction based on the actual or predicted price, level, performance or price of one or more underlying stocks. Is done.

Meanings of Future

  1. Set a time or place when you think you are speaking or writing.

  2. Abbreviation for future contract

  3. At some point in the future, it may or may not exist.

Sentences of Future

  1. This includes buying and selling futures or options on stocks, bonds or currencies.

Synonyms of Future

coming , near , impending , next , to come, time to come, down the line , looked toward , down the road , prospective , in the offing , coming up , succeeding, imminent , up , just around the corner , down the pike , later , following, later, from here on , coming, to be , fated , ensuing, from here in , ultimate