1. A form of land transportation that covers all the dangers of programmed personal furs around the world, including cropped clothing (which is the core value). Other common floating items include jewelry, cameras, musical instruments, silverware, and more.

Literal Meanings of FUR FLOATER


Meanings of FUR:
  1. Cover or seal with a liner or thick layer.

  2. Install wooden planks (floor beams, wall posts, etc.) to level or increase depth.

  3. Short, fine and soft skin of some animals.

  4. Strict water coating on the inner surface of pipes, boilers or other containers.

Sentences of FUR
  1. Long, slender and muscular cat, soft, with gun fur

  2. Skin or scales, not only on the kettle, but also on other hidden parts of the hot water system

Synonyms of FUR

limescale, hair, wool


Meanings of FLOATER:
  1. People or objects float.

  2. People who change jobs or residences frequently.

  3. A worker who will have to perform various tasks as required.

  4. Insurance that guarantees loss of goods without specifying the location.

Sentences of FLOATER
  1. I had large, blue and gray butterflies in my hand, as well as bright yellow stripes of black butterflies, beautiful blue swimmers and green wings fluttering in the humid air.

  2. During the application of the questionnaire, there was a swimmer in each class who answered individual questions.