Funny Things To Write On A Cast

Funny Things To Write On A Cast

Write cool things about the cast? ۔

I have a cast on my arm and I'm bored and I want to make a really nice or cool design so that people like it or good ... any idea?

Try some casts to help you feel better:

If you are a good artist then maybe tattoos are good.

If not, maybe you can write a new story, you get the cast.

You can always try to rent it as an advertisement, like a small board.

Break one leg right away!

Sorry about our breakdown?

To type

Don't mess up next time.


You are impressed!

Don't break it!

Gatesburg address (click)

Whenever you meet someone you know, write their name on the patch.

The most random thing you can imagine. Random = hh, LOL I'm serious about toast or something good, coincidence is good:]

Teletube or Barney.

Monkeys work

Funny Things To Write On A Cast