Definition of Fungicide:

  1. Chemical used in killing various types of fungi.

  2. A chemical that destroys fungus.

Synonyms of Fungicide

Aborticide, Acaricide, Anthelmintic, Antibiotic, Antiseptic, Bug bomb, Carbamate insecticide, Chemosterilant, Chlorinated hydrocarbon insecticide, Contact poison, Defoliant, Disinfectant, Eradicant, Fratricide, Fumigant, Genocide, Germicide, Herbicide, Homicide, Infanticide, Insect powder, Insecticide, Matricide, Microbicide, Miticide, Organic chlorine, Organic phosphate insecticide, Parricide, Patricide, Pesticide, Poison, Rat poison, Regicide, Roach paste, Roach powder, Rodenticide, Sororicide, Stomach poison, Suicide, Systemic, Systemic insecticide, Toxic, Toxicant, Toxin, Uxoricide, Venin, Venom, Vermicide, Virus, Weed killer

How to use Fungicide in a sentence?

  1. Many orchards no longer use fungicides.

Meaning of Fungicide & Fungicide Definition