Definition of Funds:

  1. Provide with money for a particular purpose.

  2. A sum of money saved or made available for a particular purpose.

  3. All the financial resources of a firm, such as cash in hand, bank balance, accounts receivable. Any change in these resources is reflected in the firms financial position. See also fund.

Synonyms of Funds

Swiss bank account, Ability, Assessed valuation, Assets, Assets and liabilities, Balance, Bank account, Bottom dollar, Budget, Capacity, Capital, Cash reserves, Checking account, Circumstances, Command of money, Current assets, Deferred assets, Devices, Disposable resources, Exchequer, Finances, Fixed assets, Frozen assets, Fund, Intangible assets, Intangibles, Kitty, Life savings, Liquid assets, Material assets, Means, Method, Moneys, Nest egg, Net assets, Net worth, Pecuniary resources, Pocket, Pool, Power, Purse, Quick assets, Recourses, Reserves, Resorts, Resources, Savings, Savings account, Stock, Stock-in-trade, Substance, Supply, Tangible assets, Tangibles, Treasure, Unregistered bank account, Ways, Ways and means, Wealth, Wherewith, Wherewithal, Finance, Pay for, Back, Capitalize, Sponsor, Provide capital for, Provide finance for, Put up the money for, Subsidize, Underwrite, Endow, Support, Be a patron of, Float, Maintain, Collection, Kitty, Reserve, Pool, Purse

How to use Funds in a sentence?

  1. The funds were allocated for the project at the beginning of the month so the team had the entire month to work.
  2. I did not have the right amount of funds to pay for the surgery, so I would have to wait a few more weeks.
  3. He had set up a fund to coordinate economic investment.
  4. Our company maintains a large pool of funds that allows us to cover expenses, purchase new locations, and invest in new opportunities.
  5. The World Bank refused to fund the project.

Meaning of Funds & Funds Definition