Definition of Funds:

  1. Pay for a specific purpose.

  2. Money saving or available for a specific purpose.

  3. All financial resources of the company, such as B-cash, bank balance, accounts are receivable. Any change in these funds is reflected in the financial position of the company. See also funds.

Synonyms of Funds

Wherewith, Budget, Pay for, Capitalize, Sponsor, Deferred assets, Float, Checking account, Stock-in-trade, Kitty, Supply, Recourses, Pool, Balance, Circumstances, Wealth, Wherewithal, Savings, Unregistered bank account, Subsidize, Maintain, Frozen assets, Method, Quick assets, Ways and means, Endow, Material assets, Kitty, Power, Underwrite, Resources, Nest egg, Ability, Fixed assets, Pecuniary resources, Substance, Exchequer, Put up the money for, Back, Fund, Assessed valuation, Treasure, Assets and liabilities, Provide finance for, Assets, Finance, Disposable resources, Moneys, Bottom dollar, Support, Reserves, Tangibles, Life savings, Capacity, Purse, Current assets, Collection, Net assets, Tangible assets, Intangible assets, Cash reserves, Means, Ways, Savings account, Reserve, Devices, Resorts, Purse, Be a patron of, Command of money, Intangibles, Net worth, Liquid assets, Pool, Stock, Capital, Bank account, Swiss bank account, Provide capital for, Pocket, Finances

How to use Funds in a sentence?

  1. Funding for the project is available at the beginning of the month, which allows the team to work the entire month.
  2. I didn't have much money to pay for the surgery, so I had to wait a few more weeks.
  3. It created a fund for economic investment coordination.
  4. Our company has a huge amount of resources that we can use to meet costs, buy new places and invest in new opportunities.
  5. The World Bank refused to finance the project.

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