What is The Definition of Funding?

  • Refinancing until maturity is also called refund and in some cases early repayment.

Meanings of Funding

  1. Money that is specifically provided by an organization or government for a specific purpose.

Sentences of Funding

  1. The project is funded by the Housing Association.

Synonyms of Funding

allowance, present, donation, bursary, handout, allotment, grant, investment, bestowal, benefaction, contribution, gift, endowment, allocation

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What Does Funding Mean?

Definition of Funding: Debt refinancing through MORTE is also called DEBT and in some cases prepayment.

Synonyms of Funding

sponsor, subsidize, float, pay for, bankroll, underwrite, pick up the tab for, back, foot the bill for, stake, provide finance/capital for, maintain, finance, support, capitalize, be a patron of, put up the money for