Definition of Fund:

  1. Accounting entity (similar to a bank account) for recording expenditures and revenues associated with a specific activity.

  2. A sum of money saved or made available for a particular purpose.

  3. Provide with money for a particular purpose.

  4. Popular term for mutual fund.

  5. To finance or underwrite a business, program, or project.

  6. Sum of money set aside and earmarked for a specified purpose. See also funds.

Synonyms of Fund

Festschrift, Swiss bank account, Accommodate, Acknowledge, Afford, Afford support, Aid, Ana, Angel, Anthology, Aquarium, Assets, Assist, Available means, Back, Balance, Bank account, Bankroll, Bear, Bear out, Bear the expense, Bear up, Body, Bolster, Bolster up, Bottom dollar, Bread, Bucks, Budget, Buttress, Cache, Capital, Capital gains distribution, Capital goods, Capital structure, Capitalization, Capitalize, Cash reserves, Checking account, Chip in, Chrestomathy, Circulating capital, Clothe, Collectanea, Collection, Command of money, Compilation, Contribute, Corpus, Crutch, Data, Defray, Defray expenses, Donate, Dough, Endow, Endowment, Equity capital, Exchequer, Fill, Fill up, Finance, Finances, Find, Fixed capital, Floating capital, Florilegium, Foot the bill, Funds, Furnish, Give, Give support, Go Dutch, Grant, Green, Grist, Grubstake, Hard cash, Help, Hold up, Holdings, Honor a bill, Inventory, Invest, Keep, Kitty, Lend support, Library, Life savings, Liquid assets, Lolly, Loot, Lucre, Maintain, Make available, Make provision for, Means, Menagerie, Mine, Money, Moneyed capital, Moneys, Museum, Nest egg, Patronize, Pay for, Pay the bill, Pay the bills, Pay the piper, Pecuniary resources, Pelf, Pension, Pension off, Pocket, Pool, Prepare, Present, Principal, Prop, Prop up, Property, Provide, Provide for, Purse, Raw data, Ready, Ready money, Recruit, Redeem, Refinance, Reinforce, Replenish, Repository, Reserve, Reserves, Reservoir, Resource, Resources, Savings, Savings account, Scratch, Set up, Shore, Shore up, Sponsor, Stake, Stand the costs, Stock, Store, Subsidize, Substance, Subvention, Subventionize, Supply, Support, Sustain, Treasure, Undergird, Unregistered bank account, Upbear, Uphold, Upkeep, Venture capital, Wealth, Wherewithal, Working capital, Yield, Zoo, Collection, Kitty, Reserve, Pool, Purse, Finance, Pay for, Back, Capitalize, Sponsor, Provide capital for, Provide finance for, Put up the money for, Subsidize, Underwrite, Endow, Support, Be a patron of, Float, Maintain

How to use Fund in a sentence?

  1. You may need to have a special fund on the side that is always ready to buy up a lot of a resource if it becomes available.
  2. He had set up a fund to coordinate economic investment.
  3. The World Bank refused to fund the project.
  4. I had to have someone fund me for my trip to Las Vegas because I did not have a job and I did not have that much money either.
  5. The fund was performing quite well and the selection of this fund was made by the new financial analyst for the firm.

Meaning of Fund & Fund Definition