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Taxes ... loans ... my daughter right? 3

I am married, I live with my mother and I do not work. I am currently on a site called and the site says:

Because you are not an independent contractor or mygirlnd employee, we do not file any forms with the IRS regarding your participation in the ND and we do not withhold tax on your behalf.

However, this does not mean that you should not support your personal tax as income. Whenever someone gets money or a gift, it can become a personal tax liability. Each person's tax status varies and we recommend that you consult a professional to clarify your specific case and reporting needs.

My question is if I am not an independent contractor should I file tax or report this income (I think)

I will report my taxes to my husband, but I will not have much income.

Also, do you plan to buy me next year ... if I buy myself, the bank will look at this story ... because my lender knows I'm on a site like this? Thanks in advance

Just because you're a site employer or a freelance contractor doesn't mean you're not a freelance contractor trying to make money from people you don't know.

Since this is not a non-profit organization, the money you give to the people we respond to cannot be considered a donation and is therefore not a gift to you.

Pay self-employment tax, state income in SHC, self-employment in SE, etc. With her husband with her income

No, they don't know you're on the site and yes, you have to pay your taxes with your husband and it counts as a (taxable) gift. After all, you can't buy without a job / income from me.

You can become an independent contractor. You are not saying that you are not an independent contractor. What they are saying is that you are not an independent contractor for your (website). You may be considered an independent contractor because we have never met you through the site.

Just put it in other recipes. I'm surprised you're thinking of buying a used car next year without either of you working. Do you really think that people will give you enough money to buy something for you?

If you are paid for the work done on the site, you must declare your income as an employee (yes, you are an self-employed entrepreneur).

If the site sends you 1099, the name will be visible to creditors on your tax return. If income is reported with 1099, the website is unknown to the lender.

Honestly, lenders don't care if they pay or make money as long as it's legal.

Fund My Girl

Fund My Girl

What you earn is salary and you have to pay taxes because the government does not want you to earn money without connection. If you have to make your own money and then file the relevant tax, you will become self-employed. But it all depends on where you are.

Fund My Girl