Fund Benchmark

Fund Benchmark,

Fund Benchmark:

  • Fund Benchmark refers to Benchmarks are used to measure the performance of an investment (fund).

Literal Meanings of Fund Benchmark


Meanings of Fund:
  1. Provide money for a specific purpose.

  2. The amount of savings or money available for a specific purpose.

Sentences of Fund
  1. The World Bank refused to finance the project

  2. Created a fund to coordinate economic investment

Synonyms of Fund

maintain, pay for, pool, finance, put up the money for, float, purse, underwrite, support, sponsor, endow, collection, back, kitty, be a patron of, provide finance for, reserve, subsidize, capitalize, provide capital for


Meanings of Benchmark:
  1. By comparing a rate or rate (something) with its quality.

  2. A standard or standard that can be compared or judged.

  3. A survey mark is cut in a wall, pillar or building and is used as a reference point for measuring height.

Sentences of Benchmark
  1. We compare our performance with external quality

  2. Reference case

  3. A landmark is a topographical marker on a monument with a famous location and height that serves as a reference point for the survey.

Synonyms of Benchmark

basis, gauge, exemplar, pattern, ideal, guiding principle, prototype, yardstick, specification, convention, measure, classic example, indicator, guideline, litmus test, model, guide, norm, canon, paradigm, point of reference, standard, touchstone, archetype, criterion, barometer, test