Fund balance

Fund balance,

Definition of Fund balance:

  1. How much an account is valued at after expenses are taken from revenue.

Meaning of Fund balance & Fund balance Definition

Fund Balance,

What is The Meaning of Fund Balance?

  1. The total amount of funds is less. Includes cash on hand, unplanned evacuations and transit receipts.

Literal Meanings of Fund Balance


Meanings of Fund:
  1. Paying for a specific purpose.

  2. The amount of savings or money available for a specific purpose.

Sentences of Fund
  1. The World Bank refused to finance the project

  2. Created a fund to coordinate economic investment

Synonyms of Fund

support, finance, put up the money for, provide finance for, collection, be a patron of, subsidize, reserve, endow, underwrite, sponsor, provide capital for, pool, float, pay for, maintain, kitty, purse, back, capitalize


Meanings of Balance:
  1. Keep something in a stable position to prevent it from falling.

  2. Comparing or comparing the value of (one thing) with another.

  3. Compare charges and credits on (accounts), often to make sure they are the same.

  4. Even weight distribution allows a person or thing to stay upright and stable.

  5. A country where different subjects are equal or in the right proportions.

  6. Weighing equipment, especially with kingpins, blocks and scales.

  7. A balance or strength.

  8. Overweight or overweight

  9. A number that shows the difference between the amount of credit and debit in an account and the amount of money in the account.

Sentences of Balance
  1. Balanced cup on his knees

  2. The cost of obtaining this information should be weighed against the benefits.

  3. The law requires the board to balance its books annually.

  4. He lost his balance before he fell

  5. Try to strike a balance between work and rest.

  6. The atomic weight of an element that chemists can weigh on a scale depends on the number of protons and neutrons, which have about the same amount.

  7. Allow the centrifugal force to balance as both skates rotate to the left of the turn.

  8. Your opinion is that work is more important than time

  9. You have created a healthy balance in your savings account.

Synonyms of Balance

assess, weigh up, fairness, balance, stability, ballast, steady, equipoise, counterweight, counterbalance, contrast, makeweight, justice, equilibrium, scales, stabilize, compare, stabilizer, footing, compensation, set against, appraise, juxtapose, equal opportunity