Definition of Functional:

  1. Associated with, able to, or designed for performing one or more practical activities.

  2. Relating to a variable quantity whose value depends upon one or more other variables.

  3. Of or having a special activity, purpose, or task; relating to the way in which something works or operates.

  4. Working or operating.

  5. Designed to be practical and useful, rather than attractive.

Synonyms of Functional

Practical, Useful, Utilitarian, Utility, Workaday, Serviceable, Working, In working order, Functioning, Effective, Usable, In service, In use, Acting, Active, Adjectival, Advantageous, Adverbial, Agential, Agentival, Agentive, Appropriate, At work, Attributive, Banausic, Behavioral, Beneficial, Commodious, Conjunctive, Copulative, Correct, Effective, Effectual, Efficacious, Efficient, Employable, Essential, Expedient, Fitting, Formal, Functioning, Glossematic, Go, Going, Going on, Good for, Grammatic, Handy, Helpful, Important, In exercise, In force, In hand, In operation, In play, In practice, In process, In the works, Inaction, Industrial, Intransitive, Linking, Managerial, Manipulational, Neuropsychiatric, Nominal, Of general utility, Of help, Of service, Of use, Official, On foot, On the fire, Ongoing, Operating, Operational, Operative, Participial, Performing, Postpositional, Practicable, Practical, Practicing, Pragmatical, Prepositional, Pro, Professional, Pronominal, Proper, Psychiatric, Psychobiological, Psychodynamic, Psychogenic, Psychological, Psychoneurological, Psychopathic, Psychopathological, Psychophysical, Psychophysiological, Psychosexual, Psychosocial, Psychosomatic, Psychotic, Running, Serviceable, Serving, Structural, Substantive, Syntactic, Tagmemic, Technical, Transitive, Useful, Utilitarian, Verbal, Vocational, Working

How to use Functional in a sentence?

  1. Using functional notation, we can write—where L is the transactions demand for money.
  2. The museum will be fully functional from the opening of the festival.
  3. We wanted our team to be great, so we had to work together as one functional unit that would give and take accordingly.
  4. She had assumed the apartment would be functional and simple.
  5. Keeping your costs at a functional level should lower your risk but still allow for great profits to be made.
  6. Making sure that everything in your office has a functional purpose will keep things running much more efficiently for you.

Meaning of Functional & Functional Definition